December 30, 2011

Random Post Started A Few Days Ago...

Whew it has been a BUSY week! Life with a toddler is proving to be A LOT more challenging than I thought it would be! There have been some meltdowns and some very sweet times in between! Thank you God! Also, she has a major personality and is very strong willed... hummm wonder where she got that. Ya, you're probably right... her dad ;).

She is going through a picky stage and so whatever she will eat she eats and we don't fight it much. Calories are calories! She loves mandarin oranges and drinks the juice after! Pretty cute hearing that little slurp!

Thursday I spent the WHOLE day taking down Christmas and getting the house and Channing's room re-organized. It was a BIG job but I am so glad I got it done! My parents kept Channing last night so we could meet Chandler's aunt and uncle for dinner in downtown McKinney! I love it down there! It was our last dinner with them before they move to Florida tomorrow for at least three years for Dave's job! We will miss them being so close and we will miss their two girls because they love Channing and Channing loves them too! But, now we have a place to stay in Miami woop woop!

SOOOOO.... of course Channing starts coughing today and it didn't sound good so I just took her to the Dr just in case before the weekend... She made friends in the waiting room and just has a cold whew! No, we have never seen that girl!!

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