April 30, 2013

I would NEVER EVER EVER say:

  • I am giving up coffee for good
  • I hate HUGE bags, jewelry, sunglasses, fur and vintage anything
  • Hey, no more reality TV I am going to read a book instead
  • I am going to Target JUST for groceries and NOT browsing every other section in the store
  • I just want to pay FULL price for everything all of the time
  • Don't take me to an Estate Sale... I HATE THEM
  • I HATE gold
  • Rachel Zoe, Nicole Richie, Kyle Richards, Tori Spelling and Bethenny Frankle annoy me
  • Please leave your dishes in the left side of the sink
  • Lets watch GOLF
  • Patio? Who would want to go have a drink outside on a nice day?
  • I totally wish it was 100 degrees all day every day
  • I never want to go back to NAPA... it was seriously the worst place on earth
  • There is no such thing as a stupid question
  • All I want is a HUGE glass of cold MILK
  • Forget Target lets go to Walmart

My sweet girl watching TV with ALL of her babies

Just a mom and her girl.

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April 29, 2013

Run Run Run

We had such a great weekend! Lots of running and lots of playtime for little miss. It was really great and was over too fast... broken record much?!
Saturday morning we got up bright and early to 'Run the Highlands' a 5k that actually goes right by our front door so we just HAD to run it! Our parents came over early for bagels and coffee and then sat in the front yard with Channing to watch all the runners and cheer us on. It was really fun! 

Channing loved being a part of the festivities and wore her running shoes to complete her look!

After the carnival afterwards we cleaned up and headed to 'The Lot' for lunch. This may be the best place ever. They have a HUGE play area for kids to run free in a safe fenced in environment AND the parents can sit on the patio and watch with a front row seat while eating and sippin on drinks. 

We probably brought HALF the sand home but who cares. We all had fun... we took turns playing with Channing and eating our Turkey Meatloaf Sandwich. OMG so good!

It totally wore her out! BUT she didn't nap for long in the car because we ran around looking for flowers to spruce up the front of our house!

Blurry pic but mission accomplished!

Sunday the plan was to head to church but we decided to head to White Rock for a NICE run. Th weather was perfect and Channing LOVES the lake so we thought it would be nice to spend some family time together outside!
We ended up running around the whole lake and Channing loved it too. That 'BOB' must finally be really comfy for her! YAY... she doesn't mind riding in it for more than 3 miles now! WOOHOOO!
After our run Chandler took Channing to his parents house to play while I ran to grocery shop sans kiddo and hubby. Then I got a head start on laundry! It was like a little slice of heaven running around so fast not worrying about turning on Dora or Max and Ruby while trying to clean and finish laundry haha. Plus, she had a majorly fun time playing in the sand!

They got home and we headed out to play some soccer and enjoy the perfect day!

My mom mentioned Flank Steak the other day and I was totally craving it so we grilled for dinner!
On a random note has anybody tried this drink? Tori posted it on her IG and now I would like to try it! Where would one find it?

Bright and early this morning this cute pa toot came in while I was drying my hair and asked if she could wear this to school hahahahaha. I said OK... knowing her teachers would take it off but then she said her wings were itching and took it off before we left haha.

We forgot to bring one pair of her million pairs of sun glasses so she borrow some of mine! Good thing we both like sunnnies and have a few to spare!

The final outfit selection this morning! Thank you Valerie for the darling dress! SO CUTE!

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April 26, 2013

April 25, 2013


Someone got ahold of my phone again... Look at those cute feet!

Todays OOTD
I am sorry the blog isn't more interesting this week. I have been SO tired and hopefully I will catch up this coming weekend!

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April 24, 2013

Dont Forget...

We have a few furniture items for sale...
the post and pictures are here!!!
Also... I think I want to sell this dress I have... Only worn once. I think it is a bit long slash BIG on me.
Email me at kelseybalch  @ gmail (dot) com if interested!
This is me actually in the dress the night I wore it
Asking $175 obo in PERFECT condition.
I will ship for free if you make the right offer.

April 23, 2013

Alexis GET OUT!

My fave scene!
ok... I don't usually comment on my reality tv obsessions but I feel the need to today.
Last nights episode of the Real Housewives of the OC was hilaire and crazy!
First off, Alexis is NOT being bullied. She used that word because it is such a hot topic these days. She is just using it to get more attention. I don't think Tamra should have ever let her come to the party. Lets be honest... I don't think many people on reality tv are totally real. I mean how can you be with camera's with you all of the time BUT I know one thing for sure. Alexis is NOT real AT ALL. Period the end. Vicki is annoying me this season already. Look... the plastic surgery is weird... Brooks is CRAY and you are going through a mid-life crisis. Thats ok... I think a lot of people do but OWN it. Like you always say! Tamra is awesome... really liking her. Also, Gretchen is winning me over more and more! Plus, her make-up is always flawless. Now HEATHER has to be my absolute fave now. Something about her I just love! The new girl... I don't know about her yet... she just seems silly. 


My little brothers birthday is this week and I posted this pic today in honor of his birthday week!
Awww Cole... so cute with a tiny broken arm!

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April 22, 2013

Monday Already?!

Seriously the weekends seem to go by faster and faster each time.
We had a FULL fun weekend! Our friends Nick and Danielle were back in town for Nick's mom's 60th birthday party and stayed with us Friday night. Saturday we played with Channing ran a few errands and dropped her off to spend the night at my parents house so we could head to Teresa's 60th birthday party!
Sunday we met my parents at church and Channing's CCDC and went to the CCDC carnival! It was a blast!
Check out the video below. I am a hoss!
Yep thats me schlepping Channing up the slide on my back! Be impressed!

Funny Faces!

I LOVE this pic of Channing and my dad. Blow up worthy for sure!

Trying to recreate a picture and just ended up looking silly!

My pretty silly girl!

Sliding FUN!

Seriously adorable!

Happy Monday!

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