September 27, 2012

Its OK Thursday & #OOTD & Some Other Fun Things!

Its Ok Thursdays
Its OK to post pictures from Pinterest just because I like them....

And now for the rest of the fun things:
Above is a sneak peak at Channing's BIG GIRL furniture that is being refinished as we speak! 
Loving it loving it.... Can't wait to show you guys the whole room when it is finished!

I created a sale site on Instagram and you should go follow it and buy things! Search @shopwithkelsey
I will continue posting new things all the time... right now there are a few baby things, some shoes and books... but I will update here and there so go check it out!

It is no secret I love Bethenny and yesterday the Green Lemonade was delivered! YAY!
I can't wait to try it here in a few minutes.... hoping it tastes great! Maybe I will review it for you guys!

Last night I was cooking dinner and I hear a tiny voice behind me say 'look at me Momma' 
Channing had climbed on the island and was looking all cute! Before I told her to get down I told her to stay for a picture and then I told her not to do it again... wonder how that will work out for me!

And now.... #OOTD

Chambray shirt: Forever 21/White Skinny Jeans: Old Navy/Leopard Pumps: Jessica Simpson/Watch: Michael Kors
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September 26, 2012

Scarf Swap Reveal!

OK here it is! The scarf swap reveal!

I was paired with the sweet Sarah Ring! She was seriously so sweet and very on top of it. She got with me right away and we trading info and also what we might be loving scarf wise for fall.

We both had MAJOR hiccups in the delivery part of the swap. FedEx did NOT score points with me this time. But, Monday I came home to this amazing scarf! It is leopard which we all know I LOVE and it is ombre which I am loving and it is HUGE.... which I love because I can wear it so many ways! 

Thank you so much Meredith for hosting and pairing me with Sarah! 
Sarah... loved getting to know you better and reading your blog!
Go check Sarah and her sweet family out on her blog... Her little boy Emerson is the cutest!



Throwbacks From The Beach July 2012

September 25, 2012

Totally Random Tuesday

I made Spaghetti with Spaghetti Squash instead of noodles... Loved it
I just cooked it face down in the microwave fro 20 mins although I probably should have cooked it a little longer. It was DELISH! Channing even liked it but told me the sauce was too SPICY.... it was kind of spicy.

This morning was pancakes with parents at Channing's CCDC
She was so cute and silly this morning!
OK we are working on setting up our good camera for outfit pics but until then this will have to work today!

  • Sequin Top... Forever 21/Tshirt...Target/Cargo Boyfriends Target a long time ago/ Leopard heels...Paris Hilton

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September 24, 2012


I don't know if anyone is really interested in my attire from day to day but it is fun taking pictures and kind of makes me laugh too. So it is a win win!

  • Top... Marshalls about 2 years ago
  • Jeans... Hot Kiss Marshalls
  • Shoes... Marco Santi by Sole Society 

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We had a busy fun weekend for sure! Mine actually started Thursday evening when we celebrated Texas Bomanite's 25th anniversary. My father in law started the company 25 years ago and now Chandler (the hubster), his brother, his mom & his uncle with a lot of other employees work with him. We were so excited to celebrate a thriving successful business and had such a great night!

We were still setting up there and it is hard to see but it looked great! We had it at the Filter Building in Dallas on White Rock Lake. 

Me and my dress... Let me just say the back of the dress is what is so awesome BUT the little 'fashion tape' I had to keep it from gaping open around the TaTa's wouldn't stay put and I decided it wouldn't be appropriate for this venue haha. 

A few pictures from the photo booth we had there!

I took Friday off and took Channing to the Dr and she got her Flu shot!
Shots are ALWAYS so rough on her and the nurse felt bad so she gave her a sucker... sunglasses and a bracelet! 

Me and my Lou being silly Friday afternoon!

Saturday we decided to go to Octoberfest in Addison. 
Channing did GREAT and loved every second of it. She even rode the rides by herself... made me a little sad but seeing her have so much fun was AWESOME!!

Hey look at the camera .... yeah, didn't work.... There was SO much to see!

And she LOVES bratwurst!

I just thought this picture was SO sweet. Chandler's Grandmother gave Channing some of her dolls she used to play with. Channing found them and played ALL night with them... we could hardly get her to eat her dinner because she wanted to play with them. 

Did my nails with my fave Sally Hanson Decals last night.... Ikat LOVE!

I do not love Monday's but SO looking forward to going to Abilene to visit our friend Ty's second birthday! I already told Channing there is going to be a bounce house and she is SO pumped! YES!
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