October 21, 2013


How did our weekend get so crazy busy? I felt run over by a truck yesterday evening but still somehow ended up staying up after everybody in my house went to bed. I think sometimes the peace of being up alone is awesome. Plus I had popcorn and ice cream for dinner so it is a win win, right?! Living the dream!!

Friday after work we all played in the front yard and enjoyed the cooler weather!

Saturday we had parent teacher conference at Channing's school. She got really great reports and is doing really well in her academics! We were so proud of how well they think she is doing! It was our first ever parent teacher conference and we were nervous. I guess mostly because you just don't know what to expect the first time.

Channing had a soccer game and did really well! She got a tad bit aggressive when she started pushing girls that weren't even near the ball! A little redirecting and we were good to go!
She also insisted on wearing her bracelets to soccer! Girly tomboy!

Rewind to Friday morning at school! It was 'Grandparents Day' and both sets of G rents came and Channing was SO proud! She did great performing and they loved it!
Breen gave her some money to buy something at the book fair after school and she choose TWO books!!

No pictures but Saturday night we went to a friends house to eat dinner with them and their 2.5 year old Matteo who is so cute! He and Channing played really well together and she was SO tired she slept until 9:30 Sunday morning.... which we all did. Got up and started lunch for Chandlers cousin and his family in town from Kansas! So good to see them!
So last night consisted on laundy and nothing else.... ZONKED! SO tired and already ready for next weekend! I NEED to work on our house... like majorly!
Anyhow... today I am at work obvi but also stepped out for a few hours to be a hair model for Davines. They did Flamboyage on me... google it!

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October 16, 2013

DVDs For Sale!


I know I have been posting a lot of 'FOR SALE' things lately but 7 months after moving in I am finally getting to this part. The part where you change things up!

Here we go! 
I will list all the movies and sets I have for sale. Single movies will be $5 shipped and sets will be different depending on set and how many seasons I have. If you are interested email me at kelseybalch (at) gmail (dot) com and I will send you a pay pal invoice and will drop it in the mail to you as soon as payment if confirmed. 

The Departed
Wedding Crashers
Dave Attell's Insomniac Tour
SNL The Best of Will Ferrell vol2
Final Destination
How to Lose a Guy In Ten Days
The wedding planner
No country for old men
Dane Cooks Tourgasm
Mind of Mencia Season 1
Tropic Thunder (2 disc directors cut ooo lala)
Murder in greenwich
Sleeping with the enemy
Confessions of a shopaholic
The white album (shawn white dvd)
Superbad Unrated
The international
Cast Away

Power 90 (fat Burning express)
Power 90 (in home boot camp)
set $8
40 year old virgin
American gangster
27 dresses
Mission Impossible
Nacho libre
The interpreter
The hangover
Christmas vacation
Talladega nights
Vanilla Sky
Plane Trains and Automobiles
American gangster (again)
Charlie wilsons war
The devil wears prada

Weeds Season 2 & 3
Scrubs Seasons 1-6
Slumdog millionaire
Runaway jury
Panic room
You me and dupree
Little miss sunshine
The family stone
Van wilder
High Fidelity
Oceans 11/12/13 box set

Mr and mrs smith
There will be blood
Top gun
The lord of the rings fellowship of the rings
Dumb & dumber
Fahrenheit 9/11
Shanghai nights
The life of david gale
Animal House
Uptown girls
The DC video (skate video)
The italian job
Lock stock and two smoking barrels

The constant gardener
Gangs of new york
Dont say a word
The bourne legacy
Black hawk down
Gran torino
Simon birch
The big lebowski
Team america (world police)
Napoleon Dynamite
The barber shop
The cutting edge
Catch me if you can
The score
Bowling for columbine

Friends (3rd season) $8
Family Guy (seasons 1/2) $5
I love lucy (season 1) $8
Friday night lights (movie) 
Jackass the movie
A very barney christmas
The office (season 2) $8
Duck dynasty season 1 $8
16 blocks
Viva la bam 
Step brothers
Dexter (season 1/2/3) $20
Modern family (season 1) $8
Entourage (season 2/3) $15
Charlie and the chocolate factory (johnny depp)
Pulp fiction

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My Girl

She has been wearing LOTS of fun FALL outfits!

She has been a little snuggle bunny before bed... which I LOVE!

She has been the cutest tiny dancer before and after Ballet and Tap!

She let me take a 'selfie' in the pew before church started... the hubs was less than thrilled hahaha!

She has been enjoying the KIDS Coconut Water we found!

Enjoyed riding the pig at WR Cane Rosso!

She has been loving the face lift our neighborhood park got! This springy turtle is her fave... it is hilarious to watch!

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Faux Model

I wanted to post all the pics of the 'modeling' I did for Katie Norris and FotoStrap taken by Sarah Kate Photography. Mostly because they are fun and I won't have them printed because we all know its weird to have pictures of yourself printed like this. Also, because I probably will not be asked to model again I wanted to have this as proof!


Again, if you are in the market for a camera strap for your fancy camera please consider checking this company out. They do LOTS and LOTS of good work for deserving people!

**ALL photos courtesy of Sarah Kate Photography**

You like this one? It is my specialty 'FAKE' laugh!!

Funny side note: I had NO CLUE how to hold a camera properly so I felt pretty awkward in some of them where I had to pretend I knew what I was doing!

October 13, 2013

Sale Sale Sale

These are random things we want to sell. An online garage sale of sorts. Make offers!

Vintage small suitcase $15

Large rolling duffle great condition $15

Black coat $15

BCBG Hunter Green Dress $30

Pair of Pier 1 Lamps. $150

Message if interested in this bar cart. I found a smaller one that fits my space better. Price is not really negotiable.

Crate and Barrel Chandler Bedding Set Full/Queen. Duvet two shams bed skirt and sheet set plus all the pillows in the pic. $95

Susana Monaco dress. Retail $230 worn once asking $85

Mark and James Dress retail $450 If interested message me. Never worn.

Mixing XS running shirt. $15

Gap utility jumpsuit. Size 0 $10

Forever 21 dress $10

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