December 21, 2011

'My Do This'

Yep, we have hit THAT stage. I thought I heard Channing say this to me the other night but thought maybe I heard her wrong and kind of brushed her off. Well, last night during bathtime I had given her some soap to 'wash her body' and some fell off and she said 'uh oh'. I said its ok let Momma help you and I heard it loud and clear 'MY DO THIS'!! Oh with such sass! I couldn't help but laugh a little and just say ok. She is so cute dispite the sassiness!

My sassy girl this morning started posing for the camera.... we might be in trouble!

Both hands on hips pose!!

I am driving my Mom's car for the next week or two while my car 'Blanca' gets fixed. There was an inncident with a concrete pole being in the way of her front right fender and bumper and she thought she could just move it without getting hurt... not true. My parents so graciously asked if I wanted to use their car so I didn't have to pay for the cost of a rental on top of my insurance deductible. SO.... Now every time we get in the car Channing says 'Breen's car' and I say yep it's Breen's car and then she always says, 'Pop Pop'. I say yep Pop Pop belongs with Breen. Too cute!

Just a little picture of the girls saying hi this morning!! She was a happy girl which in turn makes this momma a happy girl too! Plus, today is technically my Thursday! YA HOOOOOOOOOO!

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  1. You two are SO gorgeous! She definitely takes after her momma! Happy to be a new follower <3

  2. Yay for it being your Thursday (it's ours too)!!

    She is just too cute sass and all ;)