December 15, 2011

Champagne Always Needs a Gold Puffer Jacket!

Yep, you heard me correctly. I went to get my hair cut by one of my BFF's and I left with several WONDERFUL things. We hadn't seen eachother in a while and so it was like a mini reunion. She knows me too well!

This is the loot from my hair appointment... FAB shoes...Champagne that came dressed in its own holiday GOLD puffer jacket and some fun jewelry!

It was SO GREAT to catch up with Valerie! I value her friendship SO MUCH! We actually met when we were in Paul Mitchel hair school together. It is the best kind of friendship... we could see each other every week or not for a year and we wouldn't skip a beat! She has been super busy/stressed lately and boy oh boy have I had a no good very bad week... maybe something to do with the fact that someone stole my parking space at work and my car hitting a concrete pillar... AT LEAST Channing's Christmas program was SO CUTE!!! Anyhow... we had a great time yesterday and the ends of my hair are not scraggly anymore!

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  1. umm how do I go about finding a hair stylist who gives me amazeballs heels and champagne when I leave???? I love ittttt!!!

  2. The champagne puffer jacket IS amazing!!!!

  3. eek sorry about your car!! that Majorly sucks. At least you got some fabulous shoes and pretty hairs? That always makes me feel better :)

  4. I think I need a pair of those shoes!! Unbelievable!

  5. OMG. SO CUTE!!!! Thank you so much for your lovely, kind comment on my date night post. I know, the brooch is too die for. I love it.

    I hope you ahve a fabulous weekend my friend:)

    xoxox Hanna