February 29, 2012

RANDOM Wednesday...New Fun Things Ive Found

Pretty shirt!




FUN Bracelets!

GREAT St Pattys Treat for Channings class!

Easter Treats... I dont like Peeps but they make the cutest treats!

Fun headboard!

Source: google.com via Kelsey on Pinterest

GREAT invention for the little girl who thinks she is a BIG girl!

Source: reflo.net via Kelsey on Pinterest

Sad but TRUE

They will hate but just keep doing what you do and be yourself!

I think this is a MUST for Channing's 2nd birthday candle!

Happy Wednesday

Started rough with a bit of a fit! We quickly turned that around!

Lol what a funny angle!

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February 28, 2012

Sock Bun

So tired this morning but so cute!

Second attempt

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February 27, 2012

Sang Real Jeans

For Sale: Sang Real Jeans

I cleaned out the closet a bit and thought I would offer these up to someone.

Size 25 (never been altered)

GREAT condition

$20 OBO

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We had a GREAT weekend and spent a lot of time outside but it was SO WINDY!!! I commented that it was the perfect weather except for the wind...oh well! We were sad to see Monday come because we had such a good time with our sweet girl!

Breakfast on Saturday was so good...fresh eggs coffee and colache's from West! YUMMY! Chandler picked me up a few Pumpkin ones and they were so good!

We had lots of sweet snuggle time with Channy Lou

Our bulldog Benz popped one of her play balls and so she got a new one! She was so cute waiting in line to buy it!

On Sunday I attempted the sock bun.... I will try again this week for sure but I liked it! And it was so easy!

Chandler used one of his Stella glasses Saturday and I asked him to model it for me LOL... I am sure he is pumped that he made the blog like this!

Breakfast with Breen & Pop Pop Sunday morning while Daddy had to go into work for a little bit

Heading to the park on a pretty windy Sunday!

I snapped this from my car... These guys never are walking like this when we actually take Channing to see the ducks... Murphys Law I guess.

This girl loves the slide and goes down by herself!

This was so funny.... we kept hearing her say 'I see you I see you I see you' and I turned around and she was standing like this... where do they get this stuff?! She is so funny!

Just me and my girl at the park!

Just standing cute on Saturday morning

Walking the dogs with Daddy

She is watching TV holding my 'Baby' I literally slept with that thing through high school... ya ya dont judge me... my Grandpa gave her to me and that baby was the world to me. It was so fun watching my baby hold her!

OK this morning someone was extra cute! Love her smile!

Happy Monday!
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February 24, 2012


Last night actually Channing and I had a ladies night if you don't count benz our bulldog! This is how she was when I picked her up from school. TOTALLY OBSESSED with stickers! LOVES them!

Fun little makeshift bathtime Fedora!! AND she 'tee tee potty'd twice last night!

Sweet girl this morning... so cute in her shorts and tank and Stride Rite Flamingo sandals!

A little momma daughter self portrait this morning... why not... it is FRIDAY!!!

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February 23, 2012

Just Because!

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February 21, 2012

Prez Day Pics!

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