May 31, 2013

Father's Day Gift Guide


Some things I don't want to leave out!!
  1. Doesn't Everybody have spare change??
How it Works! | Gifts that Give  Many gifts for MANY occasions that give back.
Gifts That Give How it Works
  1. 1.
    Find The Cause you love
    Click the CAUSES tab on our home page. You can use the groups
    or select ALL CAUSES to search for your charity by name.
    Find The Cause you love
    Choose your cause
    Once selected, your cause will appear under The Cause I Love
    in the upper right corner of the page.
    Choose your cause
    Shop for what you love
    Choose from over 100 upscale brands to find just what you're looking
    for with $1 out every $5 going to ANY cause of your choice.
     Shop for what you love
    Register with Gifts That Give and enjoy the Benefits of becoming
    a VIP or if you prefer check out as a guest.
     Check Out
    Spread The Word
    Tell your friends about Gifts That Give. You can use our Facebook
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  2. You know we all love BIRCHBOX right?! Well... there are box's for guys as well and there are always special edition box's for the men in your life! Something they would never buy for themselves!
  3. For the guy who likes to enjoy a drink after a long day at work. Let him relax with a good Whiskey and some Whiskey Rocks to keep the drink at the perfect temperature. Check out Groupon for some great Father's Day gift deals!
  4. Molton Brown... have you guys smelled this stuff? Obsessed will be the word for sure... GREAT gift idea for the men in your life... perfect for the guy who has everything.
  5. Seriously have you guys checked out TREAT ? The best site to personalize cards for your friends and family. They also have gifts etc that can be personalized for the Dad's in your life! Remember do not forget the Grandpas! Here is a Father's Day card I personalized for the Hubby!
Look at this FAB mug for those special Granddad's! So cute!!
Personalized Mug Manly Man: 11 oz white
I hope this gave you guys some 'out of the box' ideas!
Now get going! You don't have long to plan that special day for those guys in your life!!!


May 30, 2013

The Guest

Guest Bedroom

The wall color is Martha Stuart Wrought Iron which looks like this on the walls
What do you guys think??

May 23, 2013


This my friends is the picture of a girl with MAJOR Pink Eye in BOTH eyes. Pink eye isn't fun and it hurts and is annoying...and lets not even go there with those drops they give you to put into your kiddo's eyes. People walking by probably think that something horrible is happening inside our house. It is a full blown melt down most of the time... but this morning I am happy to report it went much better...

If there is anybody that reads my blog they might have noticed that Channing is totally into taking pictures with my phone right now. If it is on silent she wants the sound turned on because she loves the clicking sound it makes. She now knows how to turn it around to take 'selfies' haha... but this it out of control hahahahaha

After noticing the dreaded pink eye we headed up to the DR... confirming we were right on. 

They called in the drops but darn it wasn't ready when we got to Target soooo I browsed and Channing took more pictures...

CRAY CRAY at lunch. This is how we spend most of our meals at the table... she is obsessed with the mirror behind our dining table.... seriously we have to remind her to eat most of the time and she may have fallen out of her chair looking at herself a time or two. 

Duckface returns... what the heck haha?!

We got out the mermaid pool and I put her to work filling it up! 

That lasted all of ten minutes and before I knew it she was naked laying out on her beach towel.
This girl is a hoot! Be free Channing Layne be free hahahaha!

We capped off the day with 'planking' on dad... awesome. 
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May 20, 2013


We had a busy full fun weekend. It all started Friday with my girl posing like this for her morning picture!

My sweet friend Shelby had her sweet little boy Graham Thursday and I went to see them Friday!
Oh the cuteness!

My friend Julie gave Channing this UT Cheerleading Uniform for her birthday and Channing was begging to wear it all last week. So Friday night I put it on her and she LOVED it!!

This guy was hanging out on our front porch Friday night when we went out to watch the sunset and hang out. GROSS. 

Have you guys downloaded the App VINE?
Plain and simple IT.IS.AWESOME!
Go get it... you will love it.

We went to some of Chandler's parents friends farm Saturday afternoon into the evening. Channing LOVES to fish! It was so fun and peacful to be out there... plus they had Babe's chicken and that really hit the spot!
A BIG thank you to Alice and Stan for having us out! I am sure we will be back!

This may or may not have been the fish that flopped into the boat which caused me to jump into the back of the tiny paddle boat hahaha!

My MIL and Alice taking an evening paddle boat ride!

Yesterday morning we met my rents for breakfast at Crossroad's. I cannot get enough of their Sticky Buns! TO DIE FOR!

I have had my eye on these acrylic chairs from IKEA for weeks. I sold our chairs and found the exact chairs I wanted on Craig's List for HALF PRICE! YA HOO!

My morning outfit haha and you can see miss thang in the background refusing to take a picture with me... hahaha

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May 19, 2013

Sunday Social

1. What is your favorite kind of surprise? I guess all of them are unexpected or they wouldn't be surprises huh?! I am not sure which kind is my fave but may have to do with traveling or something like that!

2. Flowers or Chocolate? Chocolate... I love flowers but not usually for a special occasion. They die too fast and makes me sad. SO anything SEA SALT CARAMEL including Chocolate is fine!

3. What is your favorite summertime activity? Sitting outside on our patio or someone's patio with some white wine and my husband and Channing... low key family time.

It would be ideal if it were in NAPA....

4. Do you have any vacations planned this Summer? TBD

5. Favorite Summer Holiday? MY birthday... what? You don't think that's a holiday? Think again my friends... We celebrate it the whole Month of July!!

If you were wondering THIS cake would be appropriate for my 30th:
or this one:

6. Dream Vacation? I really would LOVE to go to Italy and Greece... BAD like BAD BAD!!!

May 14, 2013


Hey Yall!

Just wanted to remind you guys that I still have a few things for sale. 

These World Market Dining Chairs. Want to sell 4 as a group but I have 6 and WOULD sell 6 for $165

Asking $280

$35 EACH or $140

This is the closest I can find right now but $280  $140 for them would be a steal! 
The are VERY heavy and sturdy! Dark espresso color solid wood! 

Just want to change out my dining chairs!

2 Bar Stools 
Woven espresso leather with metal legs. 

Asking $100 OBO

Size 2 Susana Monaco Tahlia Dress

Retail $232 
Asking $185 OBO

Worn once and in perfect condition. Just doesn't fit well... runs a little big!
Gray and silver sequins!

Email me if you are interested in anything!