February 28, 2011

Weekends Are The Best!!

Friday started out with this little one getting all dressed up for 'International Day' at school!
Doesn't she look SO cute! Red White & Blue all the way!!

Saturday she got ready to go to run a few errands with DaDa so Momma could get a little cleaning done uninterrupted! WOO HOO!

We did our own mother daughter pedicures!

We went to the park on a majorly windy day!

Then we got ready to do it ALL over again this morning!!

In other news... I made some more cake balls yesterday! I was testing a super secret recipe for Chandler's cousins wedding shower this coming Saturday! It worked and tasted DELISH! Channing is working on her top two teeth MAJORLY! You can see the white dots on her gums and she is a snot nosed, drooly face girl right now. Also, poor thing woke up off and on from 3 to 4:30 this morning. When I was a little less groggy at 4:30am after getting in and out of bed about twenty times I had the bright idea to give her Motrin, orajel, teething tablets and some natural teething 'juice' and the girl went back down until I needed to get her up for school! Its the go to combo for the one two punch for those pesky teeth trying to come in! Praise the Lord! I should have tried that at 3am but I was still pretty sleepy at that point!
I am so excited for tonight because one of my FAVE people is coming back to TV tonight! Bethany Frankle! Bethany getting married starts tonight and I may just have to go find some Skinny Girl margaritas for the occasion since nobody wanted to accept my invite for a watch party! Looking forward to the wedding shower coming up this Saturday evening!!!

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February 27, 2011

Yogurt... Greek Style!

OK, so Chobani is a Greek yogurt that is sold in almost every grocery store around. Tasty if you like yogurt. Anyhow, Channing LOVES yogurt but this she REALLY LOVES. It is the first Greek yogurt for babies. Very healthy and none of the nasty stuff. If you have a kiddo 6 months and older, they might really like this! Give it a try!
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February 24, 2011

BTW, Channing Is 11 Months Old Today!

This little angel face turns 11 months old today. I can hardly fathom that she is already that old. I can remember this time last year so vividly and it barely seems real that it is almost a year later. I remember getting so excited that my showers were about to start and I could not wait to meet our sweet girl but was positive it would be a little bit until she would make her debut. Boy, was I wrong!
Words cannot explain and I will never be able to express the love I feel for you. I could hold you forever and give you kisses forever. I really never understood how much love a heart could hold for your own child until now. I guess that is truly one of those things that you only know and learn to understand when you become a mom/parent. I thank God everyday that he chose me to be your momma. I feel so lucky and that he gave us such an awesome gift. Your little personality is really starting to shine through and I love seeing who you are becoming. You make your dada and I smile all the time. You are almost one year old and this first year is going by way too fast. That's what 'they' all say but it is so true. I feel like I closed my eyes for a second and all of the sudden it is almost time for your first birthday! I think the thing I always want you to know is that your dad and I love you always and forever no matter what...
Love you, Momma
*I will try to post her sock monkey pics tomorrow and I will update everything she is doing then too!

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Oreo Balls


1 Package of Oreos (I usually use reduced fat but this last time I used double stuffed!)

1 block of cream cheese (reduced fat or fat free)

Chocolate Almond Bark

White Almond Bark (I used chocolate chips last time and it didn't work as well)

To Make:

Grind the whole package of Oreos up in a food processor (very fine)

In a bowl mix the ground up Oreo's and cream cheese... I do this by hand and it is much easier

Roll the mixture into balls and place on a cookie sheet with parchment paper

Put in the fridge or freezer for a while so they will harden a bit before dunking them in the melted chocolate

Dunk in the melted almond bark and drizzle with the opposite one

That is it... it is that easy and they are so yumm!

February 22, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

We started the weekend by getting a glass storm door installed. We can now leave our front door open... YAY!

Chandler made margaritas Friday night and they were good

We went on a family walk Saturday morning

Channing took her first ride in the forward facing car seat and LOVED it!

Channing had a HUGE MAJOR blowout in Target, Momma forgot extra pants, Channing rode around Target the rest of the trip with no pants, people commented on how cute she was and I commented that she usually wears pants!

Target wore her out

I made Oreo Balls and they were SO GOOD

We got ready to go visit Matt and Chels

Channing put on some spring attire on Sunday

Played in the backyard

Sat in the hammock with DaDa

Rode down the driveway on her car and LOVED it

Played ALL over the house

Woke up for good at 8am Monday morning!

Got out ALL of her bibs

Tried to eat one

Hid behind the shower curtain

Played 'peek'

Rolled all over momma and dada's bed

Sat pretty for a picture

Ate a big girl lunch

Then we got ready this morning and went back to school

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February 18, 2011

Big Girl Car Seat

Tomorrow we are getting down the 'Big Girl' car seat and installing it in my car! Chandler already has one that can go from backwards facing to front facing in his truck so he is good to go!Channing will be 11 months old next week and I know I know I know that they say you should wait until they are a year old to put them in a forward facing car seat we are going to do it a month earlier so get over it haha. Channing is sick of facing backwards, she told me, and not being able to see anything. I am sick of getting a crick in my neck every time she needs something from the back seat. Plus, her feet hit the back of the back seat and her legs are all scrunched up back there. She is way past the weight limit requirements and I think it will be well worth our while to make the switch! I think she will enjoy her car trips a little more! I can't believe that she is almost a year old. That is pure craziness to me!

Silly Girl

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February 17, 2011

Happy Girl

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Bar Stools For Sale!

Hey everyone!! I have two bar stools for sale that look like the one below except in an espresso color. I paid $50 each at Bed Bath & Beyond a few years ago but we no longer have a bar to use them at and they are taking up space in one of my extra closets. They are in great condition and I would like to sell them for $40 bucks. That is less than half the original cost! Let me know if you might be interested. I work in Dallas and would be willing to bring them to work with me tomorrow if someone wanted them! E-mail me at kelseybalch@gmail.com if you are interested!!

February 16, 2011

Almost There...

Almost to the weekend that is! My boss joked around that we had to work a full five days this week since the weather is nice and said it would be the longest week ever. Well, he was right! It feels like this week is dragging. In other news Channing has been so cute when we let her play by herself. Last night I was cleaning the kitchen and getting things ready for today and Chandler was on the phone and she just played with her toys and it was so fun to watch. She has started to pick up her baby doll (it is a Baby Alive that a friend gave her that creeps us out and scares her but when we turned it off she loved it!) and give it kisses. It is the cutest thing I ever did see.

This was the other morning when I went to go wake her up. Our little Maltese always follows me in there and Channing has started looking for her over the rail of her crib. I thought it was cute!

HAHAHAHA this on the other hand isn't as cute but does make me laugh a little. This morning she woke up at 5:30 am and was happy to be awake and have a bottle. Then she got very tired and became a fussy fussy girl. I really wanted to get a picture of her in this cute outfit and she was SO SAD that I took her picture. She'll appreciate it one day I am sure!!

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February 15, 2011

Top 2 Tuesday!!

Top Two Fave Grammy Dresses

1. Selena Gomez

She looked so pretty!

2. Cee Lo and G. Paltrow- I know neither of these people are wearing a dress but good Lord I love this performance. I know a ton of people hated it and thought it was so weird but it made me smile and laugh!

First V Day Cards!

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