August 27, 2013

Show and Tell

Channing had a GREAT weekend, no fighting bedtime hardly any fits and was so happy!
School drop off has been going SO well too!
Yesterday her teacher reminded her that today is 'Show and Tell' and that she could pick anything she wanted this week. She chose her purse with her brush in it, of course!

Just a little SASS before school!

She asked Chandler to get her water table out this weekend and we turned around and found her like this... laid back lounging with her eyes closed... now that's the life!

This is her pose of choice for modeling her new swimsuit from Grammie!

Someone is ready for Soccer to start!

Still a good shopping helper... MOST of the time!

On our way to the grocery store with her own reusable bag!

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August 21, 2013

School Days

Well... after a good week off after Summer Camp at WRN School Channing started FOR REAL pre-school this week. Drop off has been hard as expected but today I waited outside the closed door and listened to her cry for just a few more seconds and then she started saying the pledge with all the other kiddos. Separation is HARD for her right now. It is HARD for Chandler and I too. But, lets face it... She has a great time! There is a skating rink, an indoor pool, a music class and library! She loves it... AFTER I leave.

She still loves to take pictures with my phone! 

Breen dropped off her baby that she left at her house the other night with a new shirt and a treat for after dinner... the way to Channing's heart? Chocolate or sweets!

It is SEPTEMBER ISSUE SEASON and in my Bazaar I found this new line of Zoya colors! I totally need the Channing one!

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August 19, 2013

It Was Glorious

The weather and the weekend! Funny how people in Texas feel like 90 degrees feels cool in August! Couldn't be more thankful for the break from the hot 100 degree days!

We played a little dress up with the bunny ballerina on Saturday !

Ate a sticky bun at Crossroads Cafe at 75 and Walnut Hill. If you haven't had one GO NOW! It makes you happy and a little nutso. (See below)

Balance bike fun! We WERE going on a LONG trip according to Channing but we made it down the street and she was over the long trip and settled for going around the block.

Popsicles and baths in the pool!

That screams summer to me!

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August 16, 2013


I had kind of hit a blogging rut in the last few weeks. I have plenty to blog about but I haven't had the motivation to do it. I have been inspired for one reason or another and you guys can expect new posts coming soon! I mean I turned 30 for goodness sakes.
For now I lets talk about how this weather in Dallas has left me longing for Fall! I mentioned the other night at dinner that I am so excited for College Football season to start, not because I understand football at all, but mostly because that time of year means cooler weather and a switch in the wardrobe! Can I get an amen?!
Since I haven't been taking daily outfit pics lately.. seriously IN.A.RUT
I am going to post some of my reent pins from Pinterest! I get a lot of outfit inspiration from my pins and maybe you will too!

Total Stardom Silver Sequin Mermaid Skirt at!

Can we all agree that I NEED this skirt?! Some might question where I would wear it. But, if you know me you would understand that this could be part of my everyday work wear. What is wrong with a little Sequins in the work place?

Casual tulle.
Or tulle???

This tone-on-tone combination is so lovely and relaxed, and the subtle colors make that necklace a standout.
I am on the lookout for something like this combo...

Love this combo....

Still loving Kelly/Emerald green and always love a leopard print!

Cobalt Pumps

LOVE the electric blue with the plaid!

That skirt!


I love every bit of it!

Happy Friday!

and lets all remember...

Here's my advice: have a little faith and if that doesn't work drink a lot of mimosas. - blair waldorf #gossipgirl _