December 4, 2011


Wow... WE DID IT! In the rain (pouring freezing rain) and 40 degree temps we ran the White Rock Half. Whew although I felt GREAT running and my body felt great this was the hardest conditions we have ever run in. If it is even sprinkling outside we would just go to the gym instead. This was crazy and a whole new experience! We are so proud of ourselves and ALL of our friends/family that ran and trained for it... especially our friends Nick and Danielle that trained with us the whole time and were our running buddies! YAY... now Chandler, Nick & Danielle are setting their sites on a FULL in late February! I plan on cheering them on! I will just keep up with my 3-5 mile runs and take it easy!!

This was Chandler and I before the race... the warmest temps of the day 42!

A little blurry but this is all four of us after the race! It took us forever to warm up!!

So proud of everyone that ran today! Now go get warm!!
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  1. WAY TO GO GUYS! SO proud of you!

  2. Congrats! I watched some of the marathon coverage on tv... made me cold just watching!!!