July 29, 2013

Long Sneak Peak

We went to New Mexico last week and I have barely had time to put laundry away so this is a sneak peak of pics from the phones! I will try to post good pics this week after we al have a chance to share pics etc.

And don't forget that it is:

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July 15, 2013


If ANYBODY still reads the blog I'm back!
We have been busy and I haven't had one chance to get on the blog and post!
Cousin Judah came in last week and we took the girls to the Perot Museum! It is just so fun and they loved it!

Channing took some pictures at the bird exhibit!

Channing bolted right as I was trying to take the picture!

Recycle Reef fun! They let the kids make something to put in the reef made of recycled materials.
Seriously the perfect thing for Channing. She is really into anything artsy these days. 

Channing is obsessed with holding Bentley or sitting with Bentley or laying with Bentley...
She told me to take a picture and her words were, 'Bentley wanted me to hold her...'
Cant you tell?!

Some rare snuggles!

Splash Day at school!

This weekend our Florida family came to visit and Channing ADORES those girls too!
They had a blast playing together!
They even went to a farm and picked Blueberries!

OK so yesterday after family left we went to Good Friends in Dallas. Their kitchen didn't open until 5pm so we got tacos at Good to Go Taco and then had drinks at good friends. They all pretty much share a patio. WOW the tacos were so good! And they made Channing feel so special and big with a big girl OJ!

More Bentley love

My silly girl!

So this week we are busy again. Tonight we have friends coming over so us girls can watch Real Housewives. Tomorrow I have a 'Mom's' Happy Hour with mom's from Channings new class at school and then the rest of the week we will spend packing for our trip to New Mexico! WOOP WOOP!
Has anybody been to Ruidoso? Any tips on where to eat and things to do?!

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