August 31, 2010

FAVE Hair Product Right Now!

• Revives hair• Strengthens and conditions• Reduces drying time (via MOROCCANOIL website)
Oh my goodness. This stuff is amazing if you have curly, wavy or just plain coarse hair like I do. My friend and hair dresser Valerie used it on me the other day and I just had to get some. I also got their 'Glimmer Shine Spray' and it adds the best most beautiful shine to my hair! Just thought I would show you guys what I am using right now. I love it!!

Working With Mom & Some Cuddle Time With Dad

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August 30, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday!!

Top 2 Favorite US Cities

1. Breckenridge, Colorado

I absolutely LOVE Breckenridge. It has such a great 'small town' feel and I love everything else about it. The weather Summer and Fall. The shopping, the eating the beauty of it all. And I hear if you are a skier than it is awesome for that too!

2. San Francisco, California

I love everything about this city too. The weather and the way you can ride the trolley, walk, or catch a bus anywhere you want to go. The sites and the scenery... Such a fun place!

August 26, 2010


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August 25, 2010

Sweet Pictures

We celebrated her 5 month birthday with a candle in her baby food!

Just Playing

Trying to play and sit up... that's hard work!

Love my exersaucer

Small Fry or not so small?

Finally A Beach Trip Post!

We went to Houston for a Balch family wedding. William Balch was married and the wedding was beautiful and the reception was SO FUN! We decided it was the perfect excuse to head down to Freeport afterwards and spend a few days at the beach. It was a great time with family and we loved getting away and relaxing for a few days! A HUGE thank you to my boss for letting us visit his house for a few days!

LRC...BADIIINNNNG (some sort of inside joke)

Hanging with dad on the porch...

Great Grandmother Balch and Channing girl spending time together!

Cool night on the porch!

Beautiful View

Grammie and Papa Scott

Uncle Jeff and Grandmother

Reid just relaxing!

The momma RELAXING!


5 Months!

Channing Layne turned 5 months old yesterday!

Channing Layne,

Your daddy and I love you more than we ever knew we could. It is a love like no other and you bring so much joy to our lives. Your sweet smiles and little hugs just make our days. You are growing so much and while we are so excited to see you learn and do new things, it seems to be going by so fast! You are trying SO hard to sit up on your own and in bathtime now you are wanting to already swim on your own. You sleep ALL night and even sometimes choose to go to bed before 7:30. You love Benz and Bentley and smile when you notice them now. You LOVE to eat food and we really haven't found anything that you do not like yet. You open wide for EVERY bite and it makes me and daddy laugh every time. We try to soak up every waking moment with you because we love you so much. We are so thankful that God choose us to be yours. You are the most happy girl we know and we can't wait to see what God does with you sweet girl.


Mom and Dad

AND NOW... for your viewing pleasure; I have put all her sock monkey pictures on this blog from 5 Months down to 1 Week! Can you believe the change in such a short amount of time??

5 Months

4 Months

3 Months

2 Months

1 Month

1 Week

August 24, 2010

Happy 5 Month Birthday!

Channing Layne is 5 months old today! Where has the time gone? She is the SWEETEST angel we know! She is ALMOST sitting up on her own and talking ALL the time! She LOVES to eat and she tried prunes yesterday and loved them of course! She is one of the happiest babies ever. Her 5 month sock monkey pictures will be coming soon! Until then enjoy this sweet face; this was taken after 'dinner' last night!

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Top 2 Tuesday!!

Top 2 Biggest Indulgences!

1. Champagne! I LOVE it. It is my fave little fun drink and this can is even more fun!

2. Good hair products! Having my cosmetology license (from Paul Mitchell I might add) made me realize this is something that is GREAT to indulge in. Great hair products really do make a HUGE difference in the condition of your hair. It is something I like to do for myself!