January 3, 2012

Trying To Catch Up

We had a majorly low kep evening at home for NYE and thats just the way we like it... Our champagne came in a Gold puffer and was just chillin with the homies before we popped the top!

Channing on NYE... Messy eater but finally happy. She had a rough few days with a major cold and cough along with being almost two! This dinner made her happy!

We had to open the champagne in the bedroom so it wouldnt pop really loud and wake up Channing... It had been a fussy day and of course that wouldve been the one thing to wake her up so we took MAJOR precautions haha!

This was yesterday at Primo's on the lake... wanting to eat like a big girl! Too bad my tacos didn't taste right and I sent them back and feared the reast of the day that I would be getting food poisoning... No worries... I was fine whew!

We had some snuggle time before bed and that was the best part of my day with her!

I snuggled up on the couch with some wine to watch the Bachelor and RHWOFBH and It's a Brad Brad world.... BBW is on the dvr still.... I had to start back t work this morning with the rest of the world!

SO.... I made a HUGE cup of coffee this morning...

AND laughed at Channing looking SO cute. She had a rough time when I dropped her off at school but she will be back into the routine soon!

Stay tuned for a review on some amazing brushes! They might change your world... ;)

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  1. ugh she's too cute I can't take it!! I love primos!! Too bad I'm not eating carbs or alcohol until January 21. WAAAAH! And where did you get that gold puff jacket champagne? haha I love it and I need it!