November 19, 2013


Well I would love to tell you guys that it has been all rainbows and butterflies in the Balch house the past few days but it hasn't.
Channing's allergies are at an all time HIGH and are so rough on her especially her eyes. We are trying to get into an eye dr because she now wears sunglasses inside and out and refuses to take them off most of the time now because her eyes have become so sensitive from allergies... possibly something underlying and we are having trouble getting her in anywhere before January. Super sad and frustrating !!!

Look at that LONG hair! She desperately needs a trim but this momma is picking her battles right now... hard to cut hair when your client is wearing sunglasses...

Saturday morning we had our first pictures in over three years scheduled and the morning started off with a royal fit that turned into OH, she really doesn't feel well and we need to reschedule the pics for another time.
Thinking it was her last soccer game we ran out there to make sure she made the team picture because I was for sure since her allergies were so bad she wouldn't want to play... but then she played the whole game! With sunglasses of course.
OH and NEXT WEEK is her last game... ya you know next Saturday when it is supposed to be in the 40's... YAY

Look at her in action!

Before dinner Saturday night she came in my room. I was resting on the bed and asked her to lay with me but she just laid down on the floor like that and fell asleep... rough few days :(
We both have colds and both had doctor appointments last week. We have seen better days in the Balch house... for sure!
My doctor apt on the other hand involves a HUGE cyst  that has me now on 'restricted activity' meaning NO running for a week or so and taking it easy otherwise... I do have polycystic ovaries and other related issues, which is a whole separate post, but this one is particularly BIG and they are worried about it bursting... please Lord NO!

Sunday Chandler and Tyler worked on our backyard a bit so Channing and I made 'salt dough' ornaments.... it was fun and she had a blast doing it... she played with the leftover ball of dough for an hour or so... it was glorious... 

Here is our little corner seating area in the backyard...
They worked hard all day and I love it!

I paid them with italian chicken and Ina Garten's Balsamic Pancetta Brussels Sprouts!
They were SO good!

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November 11, 2013

SO Beyond...

We had a great low key but busy weekend.
The pics are essentially in reverse order this morning and that is perfect for a Monday...
Look at this girl... I asked her to pose for me and this is what she did... also climbed on the steps and said I want the picture to be here.
SO beyond cute!

I also did a little 'planting' this weekend

Chandler was out of town for work last night so we had a girls night. Lots of Doc McStuffins and talking and playing with this girl... MAN I LOVE HER.
We have a charity event tonight and she is staying with my mom and dad and I already miss her!

Another show we watched for this first time this weekend was Sofia the First. Cute show and at bath last night she put on her crown, doesn't everybody have a princess crown in their bath, and asked if she could be Sofia the First!

Target handed out little coupon books yesterday and there was a popchip coupon for their holiday flavors.... you had me at 'salted...caramel'
They are good!

We did a little NYC puzzle yesterday morning on the bed before Daddy left for his trip. 

And a little late night silly face making Saturday night... No I basically didn't leave the house Saturday except to run our 8 miles. It was glorious!

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November 6, 2013

Happy Birthday!

First off, I want to give a BIG
to the hubby!
Channing and I are SO thankful for you! You  the greatest daddy and the best husband! I am thankful for you and very thankful for your love and friendship! Channing was so excited this morning to tell you happy birthday and to give you your cake tonight!!
I hope that you have an amazing birthday!!

So, back to catching up! We went out to dinner with friends Saturday evening and Channing looked SO cute. She DID NOT want me to take her picture, only because I wanted to, so I snuck one in.
She may be smart but I am still smarter ;)

This was one of those, 'awww, Mommy take a picture of me and BENTY... She wants to take a picture with me'!
Can you see the FEAR in Bentley's face?!

Lately at bedtime Channing has been telling me that she just isn't tired.
So after she had called me into her room one million times one night for various reasons...
-I need a washcloth for my eye
-I need to potty for the millionth time
-oh look I found a 'boo boo' and need a band aid
-I want to read THAT book waaaayyyy up high in my closet
etc etc etc
I finally told her she HAD to go to sleep. She said, 'FINE I will lay here but I AM NOT GOING TO GO TO SLEEP'!
The above picture is how I found her! HAHAHAHA!

The Sass Monster herself.... She is too funny!

In other news can someone get me some horns or whatever they are called... just like the ones above?! PLEASE!?!

We had some Mommy Daughter play time at the park the other morning and she told me to sit down and she would push ME! Well... she didn't have to twist my arm... I love to swing!

A little block building EARLY Saturday morning...
That's our awesome Castle behind her... we used ALL the blocks!

And last but not least....
thats the huge buffet I bought for our dining area.... no that's not our dining area but that's where it landed until the guy comes to refinish it for us!!
I am SO excited.... I got an 86in buffet for $150!!
After it is refinished I will def show you all pics!!
oh and that's a dinosaur on the buffet's bottom shelf... that's how we roll. 

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November 5, 2013

Catch Up!

I have lots to catch up on!
Last week Channing couldn't have been more excited that it was Halloween! This is such a fun time... she is finally realizing when it is a holiday and it is so exciting for her!
She asked every morning before Halloween if it was here yet!

She was one HAPPY little cupcake!


I helped out at her school Thursday for their trick or treating throughout the school!
She is the 'line leader' for her class and was so proud I got to see her leading the line!

The girls at my office... all of our shirts say,
'Can we just trick or treat and ask for wine'?

Got my new Erin Condren Planner in the mail!! LOVE IT!
A bonus.... GOLD!!

My 'Halloween Nails' for last week!

Sassy & Sweet!

Seriously I cannot handle the cuteness!!!!

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