December 19, 2011

Tis The Season...

FOR A BUSY WEEKEND! Oh my did we ever have a busy weekend but it was ALL fun! Saturday morning our friend Josh helped Chandler hang our living room TV on the wall and Channing's friend Kingston came with him to play! They had a blast until it was close to nap time and they needed to stay away from cords and sockets haha...

Aren't they SO CUTE!! They seriously love to play with each other.

Saturday afternoon/evening we spent with the Balch Family doing our Christmas! We went to Chandler's Uncle Dave and Aunt Cindy's house. This is the last get together there before they move to Florida for 3 years for Dave's job. They will be back but man oh man we will miss them and their girls Ellie and Macie. Channing absolutely LOVES them. We will HAVE to visit FL though for sure!

Channing got a MRS POTATO HEAD! So cute!

Sunday we all got up and ran errands and in the middle of it all stopped at IN N OUT for a burger and shake... clearly Channing LOVED the shake! It was delish!

Trying on 'readers' at Tom Thumb!

Channy Lou playing with her princess figurines she got Saturday... they are like little army men for girls hahaha.

Tiny sparkly chubby fingernails... having a girl is SO MUCH FUN!

The BEST present around!

Just wanted to brag on my hubby for a second. Every night after dinner I go and give Channing a bath and get her all ready for bed and he cleans up everything in the kitchen.... How awesome is that! Thanks babe... I REALLY appreciate everything you do!

My sweet girl this morning in KNEE HIGHS oh my that is cuteness!

Here is my 'get up' today.... Christmas outfit day at work...

Happy Monday friends....

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  1. I need that I Believe shirt bad. And oh my cuteness is correct. Channing is sooooo effing adorbs it's unreal. Baby pigtails are one of my favorite things evaaa! I got Reese a Mr. Potato Head Pirate for Christmas. I hope he likes it!! Tis the season girly!