June 27, 2010

Now just a picture post!

Snuggle time
I'm a big girl sitting in my BUMBO
Watching TV
Brace yourself

3 Month Sock Monkey Picture!

Here are the much anticipated Sock Monkey pictures. Channing Layne is now over three months old. Where did those last three months go? She is growing more and more everyday and doing more and more everyday! We love our sweet girl more than words. Enjoy the pictures!

Tummy Time

We have been working on Channing's tummy time and she is really starting to do well! She is holding her head up when we hold her and now is able to put her arms underneath her chest and push up a little when she is on her tummy. Next thing we know she will be rolling over. She seems to be working hard on that when he have her on her back but hasn't made it quite yet.

Father's Day 2010

Last weekend was Chandler's very first Father's Day weekend. We went to dinner Saturday night with Matt and Chels at BJs Brewery because if you were a father you got a FREE pint glass! Cant beat that. Sunday we went to my parents house and were joined by Chandler's mom to eat ribs and celebrate all the dads. Scott (Chan's dad) was in Canada on a fishing trip but he was certainly missed. Channing made Chandler some art work and framed it for him. What a sweet and thoughtful girl. I think Chan enjoyed his first Father's Day for sure.

Channing is wearing her onsie that says, 'RAD LIKE DAD'! And look at those sweet shoes!

June 25, 2010

Sleepy Girl

Channing has made it clear that she likes to be in bed by 9pm at the latest. She was so tired last night that when Bentley barked when Chandler got home she started crying, a sad pitiful tired cry. Anyhow, during the week we have to go in her room to wake her up most mornings. This morning she woke up early on her own snuggly with daddy and wanting a bottle. After she ate she played a bit and then fell asleep on our bed while we finished getting ready. I know it is blurry but it was too sweet not to share!

June 17, 2010

3 Months!

Before I take her Sock Monkey picture I just wanted to let everyone know that Channing Layne Balch is 3 months old as of yesterday. Time has flown by. I started work again on Monday and I do not think I have ever had a tougher day. Even so, she is the happiest, sweetest, most perfect little girl. I thought I would try to list some things she is doing now and also some new information about our little nugget!

*Sleeping through the night (8:30-6 or later) We have had to wake her up during this work week.
*Weighing in at over 10lbs (she weighed 10 at her 2 month appt and she doesn't miss a meal)
*I would say she is out of almost all of her newborn clothes and into 0-3 or higher in some things
*LOVES bath time
*Loves to lay on her back and talk (coo) to us and smile
*Has discovered her tongue and loves to stick it out at us and smile after we do it to her
*Starting to sit up in the BUMBO
*Holding her head up for long periods of time
*Likes her swing now, we thought that would never happen
*Working on rolling over... she has made it to her sides and ALMOST to the belly
*Has officially been in a pool and a lake already and seems to enjoy it
*She is a TOTAL snuggler
*She is sort of dramatic already (her little personality is starting to show)
*Lets you know when she is tired or hungry and when she gets what she wants promptly stops fussing!
*Has her ears pierced
*Watches TV

That is all I can think of right now. I will update more later if anything else pops in my head!

Be watching for the sock monkey picture! She has grown a lot!!

June 16, 2010

Already Helping Mom Cook!

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June 15, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend Post A Few Weeks Late!

On Memorial Day weekend we traveled to good 'ol Abilene to visit our great friends Bryson and Tami and soon to be Ty! Tami is pregnant and due in October and we had not seen them in a while and Bryson had not met Channing yet. We got in Friday night around dinner time and went to Perini's and had a great dinner. The next day we ran around and shopped a little and then headed to the country club for some pool time! We didn't take any pictures so Tami was nice enough to document Channing's first dip in a real pool! We had a great cook out that night and loved visiting with friends. Sunday was spent relaxing and running around a little then we went out to dinner. Monday we got up and pack up and headed back to Dallas. We had so much fun visiting with Bryson and Tami and miss them being in the metroplex but it is so fun to go visit Abilene; we have a lot of fun memories there! We even got La Popular Burritos while we were there and the boys picked up Harold's BBQ. If you have been to Abilene once or twice you have probably had one of those tasty treats!

June 14, 2010

My First Trip To The Lake

A few weekends ago we went to Cedar Creek Lake with our friends Chelsea and Matt and my mom. My dad was on the verge on pneumonia and wasn't able to make it. We really missed him but loved the lake and the house we stayed in! It was Channings first time to get in the lake; we think she loved it!

A Visit From Aunt Sister!

This last week Channing got to meet Aunt Sister (Jeannie my sister in law) for the first time. She and Judah flew in from Denver to spend the week with us! We did a lot of hanging out and even got the girls ears pierced and took some cousin pictures! Enjoy some of the pics of our time spent together!!

June 13, 2010

Channing Meets PaPa!

Channing was excited this morning to meet PaPa for the first time. She was able to meet Grandmother a few weeks ago but since they live in New Mexico this was the first time to meet PaPa. We all ate breakfast together at Grammie and Papa Scott's house and had a great visit! We have one happy beautiful girl!

June 12, 2010


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June 6, 2010

A Visit From Uncle Brother & Judah!

A few weekends ago Cody and Judah came to visit; Cody was in town to perform a wedding! My parents, Channing and I met them at the airport and I surprised him with a shirt that said 'Uncle Brother', Channing's name for him! We spent the weekend visiting and having fun with everyone! Judah is such a big girl now; we can hardly believe it! We were sad to see them head back to Denver but this Tuesday Jeannie and Judah are coming back to visit for a week! We can hardly wait!!