November 30, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday!!

Top 2 Cleaning and Organization tips or tricks!
P.S. I am not feeling to creative today so I am not digging very deep for my organization tricks. Sorry... But I will LOVE reading all of your tips and tricks!

1. Plastic Bins... I LOVE them. I use them for everything i can that we need to store in the attic or garage. I feel like things are safe in them and easy to keep organized.

2. Regular Shoe Bag: Someone else gave me this idea from their blog and I used it and I LOVE it also. p.s. This is NOT my pantry... I wish I had more storage in my pantry... but anyhow this works great Just a regular old shoe bag over the inside on the pantry door and voila... extra space and organization! I also did it in our guest linen closet to house all over my extra hand soap and Miss Channing's bath and lotion extras!

Christmas Decor Preview!

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Santa Baby

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Teva Heels?

I found this article today online... I just can't seem to get on board with these. The only thing I could see them working for are those high heel 5k races. Anyhow, read below and let me know what you think!

Grey Ant x Teva Stiletto
NEW HIGH (M)ART WORLD EXCLUSIVE!New High (M)art is proud to present the Grey Ant collaboration with Teva. Yes, Teva!It's the classic "Hurricane" style sport mandal re-imagined as a STILETTO. This co-branded effort sees the Teva velcro-strap styling and grip-sole construction on a 4" stacked heel. They're calling it the most comfortable, performance high heel on the planet -- we call it the most daring mash-up of the decade. This is anti-fashion at its purest. And so good when paired with socks.Teva is the leader in the sport sandal industry known for their innovation of performance products and advanced technologies in the footwear industry. Grey Ant is the NY-based fashion designer known for subverting trends with a measure of the ironic. Here, the two collide to bring you the best of both worlds. Limited quantities. First-come, first-served.Available in two styles:1) "Worlds Unite" in Blk/White, velcro closure2) "Natural" in Tan, buckle closure for full-effect, we recommend some outdoorsy-style socks!As seen in Daily Candy.*Not recommended for actual hiking, gardening, mountain climbing, or Phish concerts :)
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November 28, 2010

8 Month Sock Monkey Pictures!

Channing Layne Balch is 8 months old... How did that happen SO FAST?! Every stage is more and more fun as we watch her little personality form. She is already a sassy little thing and has started to let us know exactly how she feels about anything and everything. She has started crawling and pulling up on things. She has two teeth... ask Chandler... they are sharp! She is a great sleeper still unless her teeth are bothering her. She is an awesome eater and has started trying table food here and there... turkey and all the fixings at Thanksgiving... banana... toast...avocado etc etc! She holds her own sippy and her own bottle. She loves the dogs and has tried to share their water and food. She still loves her bath's but I have started putting her back in her little bath chair because someone is a bit more adventurous in the bath than her momma would like her to be. She crawls away from me now when I try to change her diaper and yes, the changing table time is few and far between because again she is such a dare devil. She went to to Dr. last week for her first 'SICK' visit for a little tear duct eye infection... she weighed 18lbs. She has started crying when we leave the room and when we walk right back in she smiles.... be still my heart. I could go on and on and on....We love her so much and it only grows more and more every day. I thank God every second for this precious angel baby! Enjoy the pics below!!

Get away from me monkey.. this is my photo shoot!

I am just going to get off of this couch and play with Benz!

Never mind I am going to chew on your hair!

Happy Girl!!

OOOOOOO Christmas Tree OOOOOOO Christmas Tree!

Friday after Thanksgiving we went to cut down our Christmas tree. We do this every year the day after Thanksgiving and always try to meet up with Chandler's aunt Cindy and uncle Dave and their two girls Ellie and Macie. Chandler's grandmother has been with us the last few years as we cut down our tree and she was with us this year also. Channing got to have her GREAT Grandmother with her as she cut down her first Christmas tree. We usually go to a tree farm in Van Alstyne named Wintergreen Farms but it was closed this year so they could have trees for next year. We decided to head out a little past Sherman and go to a tree farm named Elves Tree Farm. They had a lot of BIG/HUGE trees but after searching and searching we found the perfect tree for our casa!

Arrived at the farm... I am PUMPED... Channing is more interested in my awesome jacket!

Situating ourselves for the HAY RIDE to the tree fields!


Ellie (me and Channy) and Macie on the hay ride!

Ya... HUGE trees. It was like a GRISWOLD family Christmas tree! Ya, it was for sale!

Family Pic... AGAIN Channing obsessing over my awesome jacket!

Sweet Ellie and Channing

Ellie and Channing Layne searching for their perfect trees!

Chan and Chan

Which one will we choose?!?!

Great Grandmother and Channing Layne

And here she is!!! Its a BEAUT CLARK!

Making sure we get our tags off!

Channing insisted on helping her dad cut down the tree... She was a HUGE help!

I will post pictures of the tree tomorrow. This momma has laundry to do! A crawling baby doesn't leave us much down time during the day because someone likes to get into the dog food and water bowls now... and anything else she isn't supposed to! It is so fun though!

Thanksgiving 2010!

Thanksgiving Day we went to my parents house. We had such an awesome fun and relaxing day eating, watching football and going through the black Friday ads. My mom cooked an awesome lunch with all the Thanksgiving fixings that we snacked on after lunch too!

Pop and Chan

Kelsey Channing and Breen (my mom)

Family Picture!

Loves her some paper!!!

Nice Hat

Channing and UB

A Trip To Kansas!

A few weekends ago we traveled to Kansas to visit some family! The trip was a tad rough on Channing girl as she doesn't want to be strapped down backwards in a car seat for 5-6 hours BUT we had a GREAT time when we got there! It was Channing's first time to meet her great granddad! She absolutely loved him and I think the feeling was mutual! She also loved meeting all the other little kids. We were able to help celebrate Brittany's third birthday while we were in town. It was such a fun filled weekend. We also have to say thank you to our awesome hosts Bryan and Erica and Kylie. We loved staying at their house for the weekend and Channing LOVED playing with their toys and Kylie!

Someone was tired from all the partying!

Channing and Aunt Sherrie

Channing and Great Granddad

Angel Face


Channing and Baby Alecia (2 Mos apart exactly)

Ripping into the gifts!

Bryan and Kylie

Sweet Birthday Girl

Chan and Chan

New Toys Everywhere!! AND carpet to crawl on!!


Sweet Kylie... Ummmm She Is Playing With My Toys!