August 30, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

*Getting to meet one of my besties Shelby and sweet baby Sloan for lunch today when they make the big trip in to Dallas to shop at Run On! YAY!

*Loving my Channing this week... as always... just can barely do a post without a pic of her because I think shes a doll! MY DOLL!

* LOVE Barn Owl Primitives! If you havent ever seen their work you need to click on the pics to go to their ETSY shop! Seriously the coolest signs ever! My bloggy friend Little Miss Momma just happens to be hosting a fabulous giveaway from Barn Owl Primitives! BOP is generously going to give the winner a JUMBO custom sign of their choice! Awesome huh! There are several ways to get your name in the drawing so you should totally go check out LMM's blog and enter to win!

* My new running shoes. Used my groupon at Run On and once again got the same kind of shoes I ran the half and full marathon in... mainyl because I am supersticious and I dont want to switch shoes but also because they are awesome! AKA no injuries when running in them... running injuries that is... I may trip at any time :)

*Who doesn't LOVE Pinterest? Its fun and addicting and awesome. Love to pin all the things that I LOVE even the CRAZY $5000 dresses I will never buy... its fun try it! If you need an invite ask me... I will send you one... Oh and all the awesome recipes I have found on there! I am telling you... ALL the cool kids are doing it!

*Bachelor Pad espesh Melissa who got kicked off Monday. She is what I keep hearing people say: 'CRAY CRAY' aka... CRAZY!! I had to rewind Monday's episode several times to rewatch some of her craziness! Did anyone else see the abuse she gave to that poor yogurt cup? AND p.s. I own that dress she is wearing in the pic below... I also wear it much better... just saying!

Baking Bucket List

This weekend kicks off college football. I have never been a huge fan of football but College Football is better than NFL and it also means cooler weather is coming. Since this is also a three day weekend for us working folk I have decided to try and check a few things off of my Baking Bucket List! Added to the pics below I am also going to try and make Blueberry Muffins to use our frozen Blueberries that we have stored! To me football is a reason to snack on all sorts of goodies.... while Chandler watches I will be on the computer snacking.... unless I am out shopping or something. You can't tell me this stuff doesnt look so good! YUMMY!

*Salted Caramel Brownie Bites

August 29, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

*We had a garage sale Saturday morning so my mom, Channing's Breen, came and took her to breakfast and to do some shopping while we sat outside trying to sell our stuff. She pooped out and I just thought this was the cutest picture!

*We thought we would take Channing to the pool after breakfast Sunday morning but the pool didn't open until 10am and she was sticky from her pancake's but wanted to keep her swimsuit on... so she settled for the tub!

*Yesterday I was doing some laundry and Channing's bibs were in there. She insisted on her Dad putting all her bibs on her and I snapped these pictures.... she was whining about something but we couldn't take her too seriously walking around with 4 bibs on...she literally kept them on and wouldnt let us take them off for about 2 hours.

*While I was cooking dinner she took a little rest on Benz's brand new bed! It was pretty cute.

*This morning she woke up at about 4:45 am crying and I rocked her and she slept until I needed to go wake her up. It took about 10 minutes for her to actually want to get up and have me get her out of her bed. I bet she would have slept until 7:30 or 8... of course on a week day.

*I took her plug out to try to get her to smile and she even had one in her other hand and it upset her...

*So I gave it back! To early to upset that sweet girl!

*And she is off to school! Happy Monday!

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August 26, 2011

There Is NOTHING That A Glass Of Wine And A Flat Iron Can't Fix!

-I want one of these... I would use it ALL the time!

-Stop taking pictures of me momma... I am trying to eat

-Tis true... tis true

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August 25, 2011

Its OK Thursday! YES Its THURSDAY! YAY!

Its Ok Thursdays


-to want one of these cups from the monogram chick! Yes, I have several of these types of cups but NOT one is these personalized ones!
-for the random Red Bull from a co-worker this morning to make my day!

-to take a picture while driving of the rain drops on my to work so I won't forget what rain looks like

-to be VERY excited that there were NO tears when I took Channing to her new class at school today! FIRST day this week of no tears... makes this momma's day SO much better!

-to always refer to Thursday as Friday Eve

-to be oddly excited about our garagle sale Saturday morning. LOVE to clear out and clean up!

-to use the Starby's giftcard that the Dallas Morning News sent me for a delicious Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate with a shot of esspresso with NO intentions of signing back up :)

-to want people to sign up for Zulily under my referral link and then to buy something so I can get credit and but a SUPER CUTE outfit for Channy Lou Who... without paying full Zulily price for it... shameless plug and I dont care!

-to really WISH HOPE PRAY that I win a certain giveaway because then I wouldnt have to go buy myself a new purse :) THIS CERTAIN PURSE would hold it ALL. My stuff Channings stuff and more... heres to hoping!!!!!
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August 24, 2011

Wednesday Awesome Wednesday!

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August 22, 2011

First Day!

Today is Channing's first day in 'Toddler' class at CCDC! She was a little apprehensive this morning. There were some tears but her friend Kingston's mom texted me after she dropped him off and said Channing ran up to him and they went off to play! Made this momma feel lots better! And now just enjoy the cuteness! Busted lip and all!

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August 21, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Channing was running and tripped and landed face first... two top front teeth bit into her bottom lip and resulted in a busted lip. Poor girl only cried for a few minutes and then it was like nothing happened.

This was Thursday her last day in 'infant' class at CCDC.... :(

I recently 'modeled' for Vintage Couture and I made it into the Fall Catalog! Channing will make her debut in the winter one! Get excited!!

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