December 30, 2011

Random Post Started A Few Days Ago...

Whew it has been a BUSY week! Life with a toddler is proving to be A LOT more challenging than I thought it would be! There have been some meltdowns and some very sweet times in between! Thank you God! Also, she has a major personality and is very strong willed... hummm wonder where she got that. Ya, you're probably right... her dad ;).

She is going through a picky stage and so whatever she will eat she eats and we don't fight it much. Calories are calories! She loves mandarin oranges and drinks the juice after! Pretty cute hearing that little slurp!

Thursday I spent the WHOLE day taking down Christmas and getting the house and Channing's room re-organized. It was a BIG job but I am so glad I got it done! My parents kept Channing last night so we could meet Chandler's aunt and uncle for dinner in downtown McKinney! I love it down there! It was our last dinner with them before they move to Florida tomorrow for at least three years for Dave's job! We will miss them being so close and we will miss their two girls because they love Channing and Channing loves them too! But, now we have a place to stay in Miami woop woop!

SOOOOO.... of course Channing starts coughing today and it didn't sound good so I just took her to the Dr just in case before the weekend... She made friends in the waiting room and just has a cold whew! No, we have never seen that girl!!

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December 27, 2011

S%^t Girls Say....

These videos are HILAIRE!!!! We really DO say a lot of this stuff! TOO FUNNY!!!! ENJOY!!!

Thank Goodness For A New Coffee Maker!

WHEW what a GREAT weekend but man oh man are we tired! I decided to post a few random pictures from my phone until I can get the 'real camera' pictures on the blog! Channing had so much fun this year with Christmas and I know next year she will really get the whole concept of Santa and her Elf on the shelf that it will be even cooler for her. BUT.... she got tons of great stuff this year... blocks, a wagon, a kitchen, an aqua doodle, clothes, shoes... the girl is well taken care of and we wouldnt have it any other way!

Christmas morning before anyone got to our house she wanted to ride in her wagon!

Santa Tory brought me new sunnies! YAY!!!! Love!

About to take a stroll down the street in the new wagon!

An awesome wine glass from my in laws!

Playing constantly in her kitchen!! I can't tell you how many times I have eaten wooden food this weekend hahaha! It is so fun! They learn to pretend so early!

She got a new potty from her Uncle Boongie and she actually used it twice this weekend! We were so proud! We are not yet in MAJOR potty training mode but she is interested so we thought why not! Her treat for using the potty is an OREO... she is obsessed!!

Riding in the pink car at the grocery store!!

Gyro bowl... it was awesome watching her snack out of this thing... it is pretty impossible for her to spill!

she kept doing a 'downward dog' pose yesterday and I snapped a picture! She thought it was so funny! Excuse the messy face... still snacking on her pouch of applesauce!

Her hair is getting longer.... I LOVE IT!

The sweetest face!

On the way to school this morning... two plugs are better than one!

Me modeling my new Tory's! Love them!!!!

Hope you guys had a great holiday and are recovering from all of the awesome-ness!!! I'll post more pictures later of our fun and stay tuned for a post on the BEST hair brushes ever.... Im telling you this is exciting people!!!!!!!!!
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December 24, 2011

That Theres An RV!

Today with friends and family we will try to reflect on the real reason for celebration and fellowship... our Savior was born on this day. Halleluiah!

We will spend lots of time with our precious families!

Open some awesome gifts!

Watch the CHAMPIONS!

And try to not shoot our eyes out!

In the words of Clark Griswold: 'Halleluiah Holy S%^t' ;)

December 21, 2011

'My Do This'

Yep, we have hit THAT stage. I thought I heard Channing say this to me the other night but thought maybe I heard her wrong and kind of brushed her off. Well, last night during bathtime I had given her some soap to 'wash her body' and some fell off and she said 'uh oh'. I said its ok let Momma help you and I heard it loud and clear 'MY DO THIS'!! Oh with such sass! I couldn't help but laugh a little and just say ok. She is so cute dispite the sassiness!

My sassy girl this morning started posing for the camera.... we might be in trouble!

Both hands on hips pose!!

I am driving my Mom's car for the next week or two while my car 'Blanca' gets fixed. There was an inncident with a concrete pole being in the way of her front right fender and bumper and she thought she could just move it without getting hurt... not true. My parents so graciously asked if I wanted to use their car so I didn't have to pay for the cost of a rental on top of my insurance deductible. SO.... Now every time we get in the car Channing says 'Breen's car' and I say yep it's Breen's car and then she always says, 'Pop Pop'. I say yep Pop Pop belongs with Breen. Too cute!

Just a little picture of the girls saying hi this morning!! She was a happy girl which in turn makes this momma a happy girl too! Plus, today is technically my Thursday! YA HOOOOOOOOOO!

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December 20, 2011


Someone HAD to have her 'oh-nails' painted this morning... Cutest toes I have ever seen!

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December 19, 2011


I don't know if you guys have heard of THEIT bags or not but you need to check them out!

If you are a blogger or a Momma or just someone who loves to take thier camera everywhere THIS IS THE BAG FOR YOU. Nicole at THEIT created this bag line for the fashionable photographer... I am telling you this is the perfect bag for it all. Your essentials... your camera... your iPad and everything in between.

This is how and why the brand was created: THEIT creates camera bags for photographers that value both style and substance. With designs that aim to capture classic modernity with a sense of playfulness, this philosophy exemplifies the essence of the THEIT customer: someone who is independent, inspired, and full of life, who cannot help but to capture the beauty in her world through the lens. An homage to the well-known fashion term "the it" bag, the brand represents more than the most coveted piece for the season, but a new wave of design enabling style, function and versatility for the fashion-minded photographer. Inspired by the runway and the streets, THEIT's vision is to uphold a fashion standard that helps photographers live their dreams in style.

I couldn't have said it better myself!

How pretty is this bag? The inside is lined and padded to protect your precious camera and all of your other important essentials along with compartments to keep them from banging against each other or shifting.

The AWESOME team at THEIT is offering a SPECIAL DISCOUNT for all of the Balch Bunch readers! You can use the code LOVEBBUNCH at checkout for 15% off your ENTIRE purchase! How great is that!? Hurry to take advantage of a great discount and check out these AMAZING BAGS!!!!

Happy Holidays!!!

Tis The Season...

FOR A BUSY WEEKEND! Oh my did we ever have a busy weekend but it was ALL fun! Saturday morning our friend Josh helped Chandler hang our living room TV on the wall and Channing's friend Kingston came with him to play! They had a blast until it was close to nap time and they needed to stay away from cords and sockets haha...

Aren't they SO CUTE!! They seriously love to play with each other.

Saturday afternoon/evening we spent with the Balch Family doing our Christmas! We went to Chandler's Uncle Dave and Aunt Cindy's house. This is the last get together there before they move to Florida for 3 years for Dave's job. They will be back but man oh man we will miss them and their girls Ellie and Macie. Channing absolutely LOVES them. We will HAVE to visit FL though for sure!

Channing got a MRS POTATO HEAD! So cute!

Sunday we all got up and ran errands and in the middle of it all stopped at IN N OUT for a burger and shake... clearly Channing LOVED the shake! It was delish!

Trying on 'readers' at Tom Thumb!

Channy Lou playing with her princess figurines she got Saturday... they are like little army men for girls hahaha.

Tiny sparkly chubby fingernails... having a girl is SO MUCH FUN!

The BEST present around!

Just wanted to brag on my hubby for a second. Every night after dinner I go and give Channing a bath and get her all ready for bed and he cleans up everything in the kitchen.... How awesome is that! Thanks babe... I REALLY appreciate everything you do!

My sweet girl this morning in KNEE HIGHS oh my that is cuteness!

Here is my 'get up' today.... Christmas outfit day at work...

Happy Monday friends....

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