January 28, 2013

Packing It Up

We spent the WHOLE weekend packing! My parents kept Channing so we could get a lot done. We have packed almost everything!! WOW!

This poor pup is nervous about the move!

Channing's mobile. I may have teared up! It's been up since we brought her home!

Late dinner with the hubs! First in a long time!

Empty nursery. Bittersweet!

Found this little gem of chandlers when packing!

Happy Monday from the land of boxes!!

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January 24, 2013


I am sure you have all gathered by now that we SOLD our house!!
And to think another one told us to list it for WAY LESS!
No, we don't know where we are moving yet... we haven't found THE house.
We are NOT settling this time around!
My in-laws have graciously offered their upstairs to us! We will be staying with them while we search!! We got our delivery of boxes last night...
SO this weekend the fun begins! PACKING PACKING PACKING!

January 22, 2013


I am just tired... I am sure I will be more tired in the weeks to come but I am tired for a good reason so I cannot complain. MOVING. This moving stuff is just overhwhelming sometimes!
So I won't bore you with that... its boring really... packing moving... lather rinse repeat!
So...Here is Channy girl this morning... TOO cute! I asked her to pose and she did this funny thing with her knees together.... made me laugh!
She walked that stroller into school today with 'BABY' in tow.

Dress:Thrifted H&M/ Necklace: Gifted Mom/ Booties: Shoe Mint

Sorry the blog has been SO boring lately... maybe soon I will have something way more exciting to tell you about...

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January 18, 2013

Thank Goodness...

Today the inspection is scheduled on the house we are selling.
Glad weare moving along and getting that part done!
I have been pinning ideas for the next house...
This I would love to do somewhere.
It is a service that print your instagram pictures for you.... wish I had thought of that!
The package I want is only $12 and it is 24 prints!

After this week... YES

Good day sunshine!

Nevermind... screw Coffee give me a Red Bull!

Happy Friday!
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January 17, 2013

Sleepless In Lavon

So since Channing hasnt been going to bed very well Chandler and I end up staying up late to watch TV so we have been going to bed later than usual. Top that with Channing usually waking up during the night and this momma's eyes are swollen in the morning.

I found the perfect thing to help ease the swelling... Channing's old teethers that she never liked anyhow!

Today's OOTD
Top(really a dress): Shop Sosie/ Trench: Old Navy (old)/ Skirt: Dillards (Antonio Melani)/Shoes:J Simpson

Thats all I got...
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January 16, 2013

Thunder Snow?

Yep... that is a REAL thing.
We woke up Tuesday morning to Thunder and Lightning and SNOW!
What tha?
Apparently it is called Thunder Snow. Weird.
Anyway... I hae been so preoccupied lately I had no idea there was even a chance of snow!

Vest:Steinmart/Top:MK/Sequin Pants:Target/Red Heels:Target (OLD)


In other news Channing has been acting like a CRAZY person.
Throwing fits like no other, whining, crying, not going to bed (never a problem before) and not staying in bed. I think it all stems from the talk about moving and packing and stuff looking different in our house but especially her room. We feel really bad and have tried talking with her about it but I wasn't sure if it was helping or not.
I happened to mention it to one of my best friends Valerie and yesterday we got home late after looking at houses and this was on our front porch from V.
Wow... what a friend. SO thoughtful. I had NO IDEA this even existed!
I cannotwait to read it with Channingand I am hoping it hits home a little for her. I think she thinks we are moving without her. Makes my heart sad. 

Todays OOTD
'Leather' Jacket:H&M/Sweatshirt:F21/Skirt:Isabell Lu

She has been getting away with A LOT more recently and I have been picking my battles...
SO the grocery cart came to school with us today...
whatever :)
Happy Wednesday
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