May 30, 2011

Proud To Be An American

And I'm proud to be an American

where at least I know I'm free

And I won't forget the men who died

who gave that right to me.

~Lee Greenwood

May 29, 2011

Lookey Here

Please do yourself a favor and go check out 'the bitterstrums'

I found them when I was checking out the Mini Social sale site.

They have super hilaire shirts and onsies for kids with sayings like:

*I don't sleep at night

*My parents call me no

*Extra early on weekends

I found them particularly hilaire... They have a good site but they are on Mini Social for the next few days for $12.99 each!

You need to check out ARMOMMY

Her site has some super cute accessories for kiddos as well as some super cute functional items for the little people in your life.

May 28, 2011

Its A Beaut Clark!

Aren't they lovely!?

(ALL found here if you need a invite to sign up... here ya go!)

May 25, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Thursday!!!

AWESOME: *update* My friend had a successful surgery and will be on bed rest in the hospital for the remainder of her pregnancy. Every day is a victory! Thanks for the prayers on her behalf!

AWESOME: getting airbrush tanned today. My usual lady was booked so I am trying this... I will let you know tomorrow how it went!

AWESOME: the two dresses below...

AWKWARD: Doing Turbo Fire for the first time Tuesday in front of the hubby and the daughter because it was way to windy outside to run, oh ya because the CRAZY storms were headed our way. This lady is no joke! I was totally skeptical but I was dripping sweat afterwards. It was a sight to see though!

AWESOME: That we are safe from the CRAZY storms Tuesday night. And also awesome that after the first round when Chandler was asleep and I had put Channing to bed I decided it would be a good time to have a glass of wine and eat the rest of a half pint of Dutch Chocolate Blue Bell I had left. To say I am terrified of storms is an understatement and my nerves were shot!!! Don't worry... they helped a little bit!

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

LOVE this workout top from TARJAY

And this sports bra!

How cute is she on our run this weekend... LOVING this pic!

Perrier on ice with lemon after a good run! SO REFRESHING!


Liking that when it is time for Channing to get out of the bathtub now she starts to hand me toys and splash like crazy and go from one end of the tub to the other to try and postpone me getting her out! It makes me laugh every time.

Liking that Memorial Day Weekend is coming up!

Like that we got a set date for Channing's first modeling 'job' I can't wait until I can share the pictures with you!!

She will be modeling in the Vintage Couture Fall Catalog!

Loving that I have been waking up early/on time the last few mornings. It has made my mornings less rushed than they usually are.

Loving that I went to bed at 9pm Monday night... I needed that!


The ELF waterproof eyeliner works great. Goes on easily and stays put. Hey, for $1 it works just right!

May 24, 2011


Today I am thinking of a dear friend. A momma to be that is only 17 weeks pregnant and waiting on surgery today in hopes that it will keep her little angel where she needs to be; in her belly; for the duration of her pregnancy. I am thinking of her as she faces 13 or more weeks of strict bed rest in the hospital.

I don't know how she feels. I had a good pregnancy; pretty stress free. I thank God everyday for that,but I can only begin to imagine the worry that comes with this. The moment you find out that you are pregnant you become a mom. You start to feel everything that goes along with that. Love, worry, anxiety, responsibility for the being that is growing inside you. I do know how much a momma cares for that baby from that very instant she reads the pregnancy test. All you want is for everything to be OK.

Today I am reminded of how thankful I am for Channing. I know I write about how much I love her and how words cannot even begin to express that but today I just can't stop thinking about her for even one second. Today is one of those days that all I want to do is go pick her up from her little church school and hold her for the rest of the day. Last night I went to check on her before I went to bed and just stood there staring at her for the longest time. I cannot for one instant imagine my life before her. I felt her little tummy like I always do to make sure she was breathing... I can't help it. I have done that since she was itty bitty... just a mom thing I guess. Then I gave her a kiss on her little head like I always do... hoping I won't disturb her peaceful sleep. There are trying times in parenthood... ie: fits, teething, blowouts.... but the good AMAZING times outweigh those ten fold. Being a parent is the biggest blessing that God could have ever entrusted Chandler and I with. For that I am eternally grateful.

Today I am asking for prayers on behalf of my friend and her sweet family of three. I believe that prayer works. If you believe that too, I know they will appreciate the prayers.

May 23, 2011

The Day I Went To A Liqour Store To Meet Bethenny!

Friday was a great day! I went to stand in the rain around a liquor store to meet:


It was seriously a lot of fun and so exciting!

There were tons of people waiting in line to meet her. The meet and greet started at 4:30pm and apparently there were people in line at 6am that morning. I got there to meet a friend at 3:20pm and the line was already wrapped around the building.

The news people were there and so were Bethenny's camera people. Don't worry when they came by I waved and smiled and I am sure I will be on the next season of her show... so keep an eye out!

This is what the sky looked like while waiting... It rained so much! I was able to get under a friends umbrella but since it was raining sideways we all got a bit wet!

And there she is my friends!!! The SKINNY GIRL herself! It sounds silly but it was so exciting in there. Everyone was so excited to see and meet her that the air was just full of fun!

This is my wrist band from the event. VIP... yes, only VIP's got that wristband. Thanks to my friend Meg who had her daughter Byntlee we got ushered inside past a TON of people because it was raining and they did not want her to be stuck outside while waiting. So they gave us VIP wristbands and we got to head to the head of the line to meet Bethenny! Not only is Meg's daughter so cute (and in my opinion looks like Bryn Bethenny's daughter) she was also out ticket in the door... what a good luck charm she is! ( You can see my goosebumps in this pic from being soaked from the rain and finally inside my car with the air on! )


Bethenny & I!

Her exact words to me as I walked up!

'Oh my gosh, look, SO CUTE!'

SERIOUSLY made my day...week...year!?

The meet and greet peeps were ushering us through so fast that all I got to say was 'Hi' and 'Thank you' for her signing my book but it was worth it! She is more petite in person and even prettier in person! Not to mention SO NICE. She is for sure a lady that is thankful to be where she is and thankful for her success. She greeted everyone with a smile and seemed very sincere!

Love me some Bethenny!

Micellaneous Monday!

Channing looked cute as always this morning!

She got some new shoes on Friday! They are ADORABLE!

I REALLY REALLY want the Fake Bake Airbrush System! I have my cosmetology license and this would really make me happy!

Waiting on the YELLOW lovely to come in from Rue La La.

I am excited that I won this necklace from Little Miss Momma because I entered the Fingerprints on the Fridge birthday giveaways! YAY!

I think I need some Aqua Liner... Nothing beats waterproof eye liner!

Look at all the color choices!

(ps... I found some! ELF brand at Target for $1... I will let you know how it works!!)

May 22, 2011

Channings Wild Weekend!

She started her wild weekend by having Cookies & Cream ice cream Friday night!
The she got crazy and decided to wear her tie die and two big bows for Target!
She decided to wear a new bikini to swim lessons
Chillaxin in the back seat after swimming

Then we ended the day with a 'Sip & Stroll' (where you go visit shops in the downtown area and try different wines at each one!) We headed to the stage and hung out for a bit to watch an outdoor concert. We headed home early because Channing decided she needed a bath and some play time at home with her toys.

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May 21, 2011

Totally Normal...

I am not a proud person... I will admit that our sweet precious angel has managed to throw a few fits lately. Our doctor actually warned us at our last appointment that this may start happening but I have to say that I wasn't prepared for such a strong willed little angel. Yesterday I received one of my many weekly e-mails from Baby Center and it totally reinforced what we have been going through and put me at ease a little more about it... here goes...

Is it normal that my toddler holds her breath to the point of passing out?

As surprising as it may sound, yes. "This is called a breath-holding tantrum, and it's very common in toddlers," says Vicki Panaccione, also known as "The Parenting Professor," a child psychologist with the Better Parenting Institute in Melbourne, Florida.What does a breath-holding tantrum look like? Your toddler is upset she doesn't get any more juice or furious she can't decorate the wall with crayons, so she starts crying — but doesn't take in that next breath. The seconds tick by and she begins to turn blue, then passes out.Your toddler will probably be unconscious for no more than 30 to 60 seconds. When she comes to, she'll likely inhale deeply and go back to normal breathing. She may be frightened, a bit confused, and still crying, and she may not remember what she was crying about in the first place."This behavior can be very distressing to parents, but never fear," says Panaccione. "It isn't a sign of serious problems."

I hope that your kiddo doesn't happen to be one of the kids that decides to throw this kind of fit and to be totally honest it hasn't happened a lot. Just three times. But, I am hoping she grows out of this sooner than later. And thankfully she has only done it at home. I would at a loss if it happened in public. I keep telling myself... THIS TOO SHALL PASS!