June 29, 2012

SO Pinteresting Friday

Source: google.com via Kelsey on Pinterest

Source: etsy.com via Belinda on Pinterest

Sometimes BLOGGER really really annoys me! I tried to comment on the pics and why I pinned them but it is being very hard to deal with. so Ill start with #1...

  1. LOVE the color of the nails.... I REALLY want to try shellac... would love to do something like that color
  2. Rosemary and sea salt almonds... yes please
  3. Pumpkin baked donuts... they look SOOOOO good!
  4. Monogrammed pocket Tee's... such a cute idea! LOVE it!

Happy weekend friends.... 


June 28, 2012

Things You May Or May Not Know About Me

This girl is my PRIDE & JOY... I could go on and on... I love her to the ends of the earth!

I ALWAYS drink my water with a straw...

I am a wanna be model...

I have posted this before.... but it is probably VERY true :)

I LOVE to take self portraits... ALL my friends know this... and if you follow my INSTAGRAM then you have probably noticed also!

I LOVE this couscous salad.... SO easy and GREAT for summer! E-mail me for the recipe! SO healthy too!

I love Red Bull but I MUST have a cup of coffee in the morning or I am in a very bad mood.
MAYBE thats why we have TWO coffee makers on our kitchen counter!

I love my spray tans!

LOVE to run! I just LOVE it... thats my new road id...SAFETY FIRST!

WINE... yes... love that too!

Watched Duck Dynasty with Chandler and LOVE it.... Those guys are CRAZY and HILAIRE!
BUT, BRAVO is my first love...

I am a SHOE girl... those aren't mine but they should be... how cool are those!?

I hate getting gas... HATE it!

ALSO HATE going to the bank... Funny I almost worked at one... YIKES!

LOVE salt... most people who know me know this... in fact recently I have had TWO best friends sent me gifts of salt... gourmet salts... DELISH and FUNNY!

I LOVE our family! We feel like we are the luckiest people in the world!

LOVE my friends!

My girls on our recent girls trip!

LOVE this guy! He is not only an amazing friend... but a GREAT husband and the BEST most amazing father to Channing Layne! 

Love BIG sunglasses and purses and earrings and necklaces ETC...
I told someone recently that it is my version of 'little man syndrome' you know the TINY guys that drive BIG HUGE trucks ETC.... I have 'little women's syndrome' ... last night on a TV show a little old lady said... little people like BIG things... TRUTH!:)

I am the MIDDLE CHILD... I loved it... LOOK I was the only girl THE PRINCESS.... PLUS my brothers are pretty cool too!

PS... Not a big sweets eater... but I love me some Pop Chips or Hot Cheetos with Lime...
ta ta thats all for now!

June 27, 2012

What The Heck Wednesday & Random Wednesday!

*I made a really good pasta salad the other night that was our main course.

  • whole wheat penne pasta
  • crumbled feta
  • fresh spinach
  • cut cherry tomatoes
  • toss with aged balsamic dressing (I used Target Archer Farms brand)
Easy and SO good and refreshing for a lighter summer pasta dinner

 * Loving this dress.... In fact it WILL be mine VERY soon.

* Just started reading THIS blog... Chandler's cousin Lexi loves her blog and introduced me to it... LOVE reading about her runs and I wouldn't mind having this shirt either! She posted today about some workout tanks from Costco... My kind of girl!

*Love this print from GroopDealz.... of course I want the TX one.... DOY

* Channing has had a nasty sounding cough this week here and there... not fun for the rents... we worry about our sweet girl... but Grandma's old cough medicine seems to help... I mean just cough medicine... Grandma's stuff is for Chandler and I.

*WHAT THE HECK is up with the HEAT... Runs this week have been TERRIBLE... I know I have always lived in TX and should be used to the heat... I guess I am used to it but lets be honest here.... 110 degrees is hot and when you want to run outside for more than 1.5 miles. My body doesn't fully function on 5 am runs and I am growing TIRED of the treadmill.... BOO! Looks like an elliptical day for me... 

*I can't wait for my new Erin Condren planner to come in... I think it ships sometime next week! EEK!

*Our beloved Delonghi Coffee maker's front door wouldn't stay shut so I jumped through one million bazillion loops to get them to replace it! They had me cut the cord and send it in with all this other information... BUT... in 5-7 business days we will be getting a new one! YAY! Also thankful our KEURIG still works wonderfully and we have something to use while we wait... one must not be without coffee at 5am you see!

* LOVING this mascara.... It is so awesome... my new FAVE for sure!

I guess that is all for this Mid-Week post.... No picture of my whiney hiney this morning... She wasn't feeling the pictures... actually she really wasn't even feeling me changing her out of her PJ's and a fit ensued. Sorry but PJ's aren't part of her school wardrobe. She was better by the time we got to school... It sometimes is hard being 2... I can imagine!

Have a good Wednesday!

June 25, 2012

Monday Monday Monday !

Random picture of me this weekend... So FRESH & So CLEAN

this is an AMAZING deal on Very Jane right now.... If you need a great gift or a Sophie for your own little one... now would be the time to buy it!

My silly girl this morning... TOO sweet for words!

We all know I love NR.... I may have to get her new perfume!

Happy Monday friends.... 

June 21, 2012


My new FAVE iPhone app! InstaCC! It takes all of your IG pics and puts them in calendar form! They are out of order below but you'll get the idea! The best part about it is that it is FREE!

So much fun... it is like my own photo a day challenge!

June 20, 2012


These were pics from this morning and last night at bath time! I know I am her mom but she is ADORABLE!

THIS is my outfit today! I LOVE my new pleated hi-low maxi! I think the brand is Velvet Heart. 

Hope you guys have had a wonderful week. For those of you that aren't moms or preggo you may want to stop reading now because you probably don't care BUT Channing has been telling me 'Tee Tee Potty'! several times lately and I ask her if she wants to go and she yells YES while running to the potty and then goes! This girl may potty train herself! HECK yes!

Below are some thing I have been LOVING on Pinterest! Do you follow me? You SHOULD!!!

Source: via Kelsey on Pinterest

Source: etsy.com via Kelsey on Pinterest
Source: etsy.com via Kelsey on Pinterest