August 29, 2012

For Sale

Just a few things I am trying to sell.
If you are interested in anything please e-mail me: kelseybalch (at) gmail (dot) com !
Also, most of the images are pics from websites. If you want a picture of the actual item feel free to ask me for it.
* All offers considered*

Thanks for shopping!

New Balance 704 
Size 4.5 US 
Selling for $10 (barely worn hardly any wear)

Skip Hop Diaper Bag
(exact one below)
Selling for $30 (great condition hardly any wear)

My Vintage Baby Diaper Bag Set

Selling for $40 (slightly worn... includes everything in picture) 

Michael Graves Bottle Drying Rack. 

Retail $19.99 (what we paid)
Selling for $8

New Michael Graves items this year include two pieces for parents - a baby food travel case ($9.99) and a three-piece drying rack for all those little things baby needs, like bottles, bottle nipples, bottle caps and baby spoons ($19.99). (taken from online article)


Hasbro Playskool Step Start Walk 'N Ride

Selling for $10 Barely used with little wear...
If you are interested please e-mail me and I will send you a picture of the actual one we have. 

La Posh Style... A Wishlist

La Posh Style... A Wishlist!

August 28, 2012

A Few Things I am Loving... Marley Lilly Edition!

I am sure you guys have heard of Marley Lilly but if you haven't you HAVE to go check them out! If you are MONOGRAM OBSESSED like me then you will love their shop! Below are just a FEW of the things I am loving right now! 

A Few Things I am Loving... Marley Lilly Edition!

Model Baby & Truth!!

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August 27, 2012

Houston & Firsts!

This weekend I went to Houston to visit some sweet friends! I stayed with my friend Danielle and after finishing up at her new school where she is a first grade teacher we started off our Friday evening right with a Rose wine on her patio!

These are a alittle out of order but we went back for brunch Saturday where we had gone for dinner the night before. If you live in or visit Houston BRC Pub is so awesome. The food and drinks are amazing!

The decor is really cool too!

The Nacho Mac n Cheese.... no words

Looky what I found at Central Market!!

A quick stop at Pub Fiction Saturday afternoon!

What do you do when you don't have a blender and want to make frozen Mango Beer-ritas!?
You make them like we did below....


In the last Runners World issue they interviewed Ziggy Marley and this was my FAVE qoute...
I feel the same....

Danielle knows how to grill! 

This was Friday night Me.Danielle.Ife

When I got home Channing ran up to me out front and said come here Momma look at my new bed.... this is what I found.... Chandler converted her crib.... wow.... where'd my baby go? :(

Wearing Momma's wedding earrings. DIVA!

She yelled at me to come into her room and got that blanket out and said 'I want to be HERO' I was confused until I figured out what she meant... then she said 'in the backyard..' OK thats a new one :)

This morning she was NOT having pictures before school! She is in a new class today called 2a!
She loves the teacher and thankfully knew her already... Drop off was hard... She cried but I heard later from another mom that she was SO happy when they saw her!

Her very own first cubby! There was A LOT going on and hard to keep her attention for a pic!

'Let me tell ya bout my BEST friend...'

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August 22, 2012


With us planning on putting our house on the market in January I am feeling a bit nostalgic with this being our first house. Reading a friends blog I started thinking about Channing's nursery and how proud I was of it and how I still love it. If you want to check it out here is the post! We have changed a few things around since then and added a big comfy glider but all in all this is it! Now, I cannot believe that I am planning her BIG GIRL room. Time has flown but I have loved every second!

I Love Wednesday

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August 21, 2012

Let Me Tell YOU Something!

Oh yes! Caroline Manzo one of my FAVE 'Real Housewives' from Jersey wrote a book...
It is on pre-sale now..... OMG
Title: Let me tell you something...

I love this cardy

Yesterday I had to do one of the things I hate... (third after going to the bank and getting gas)

Oil Change & State Inspection

BUT, Sewell Caddy in Dallas is AWESOME 
They were out of loan cars for the day because I guess the over booked SO someone chauffeured me back to my office and back to the dealership when my car was done. 

The best part was that when I got there to pick it up PACIUGO was there serving gelato for those of us waiting.... SEA SALT CARAMEL... amazing and SO good.... I just sat on the bench eating my gelato and was delighted!

The weather has been great, as in 90's and 70's at night and to us it feels like winter. 
We actually sat on our patio after Channing went to bed and watched TV for a while...
Bach Pad DUH

The sweet girl this morning... what a doll face

Me... Doll Face's Momma
Wearing Coral and Gold Sequins today.... OH YA!

Related to the things I hate to do comment above....


Happy Tuesday.... Today is my Wednesday!

woop woop!
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