December 19, 2011


I don't know if you guys have heard of THEIT bags or not but you need to check them out!

If you are a blogger or a Momma or just someone who loves to take thier camera everywhere THIS IS THE BAG FOR YOU. Nicole at THEIT created this bag line for the fashionable photographer... I am telling you this is the perfect bag for it all. Your essentials... your camera... your iPad and everything in between.

This is how and why the brand was created: THEIT creates camera bags for photographers that value both style and substance. With designs that aim to capture classic modernity with a sense of playfulness, this philosophy exemplifies the essence of the THEIT customer: someone who is independent, inspired, and full of life, who cannot help but to capture the beauty in her world through the lens. An homage to the well-known fashion term "the it" bag, the brand represents more than the most coveted piece for the season, but a new wave of design enabling style, function and versatility for the fashion-minded photographer. Inspired by the runway and the streets, THEIT's vision is to uphold a fashion standard that helps photographers live their dreams in style.

I couldn't have said it better myself!

How pretty is this bag? The inside is lined and padded to protect your precious camera and all of your other important essentials along with compartments to keep them from banging against each other or shifting.

The AWESOME team at THEIT is offering a SPECIAL DISCOUNT for all of the Balch Bunch readers! You can use the code LOVEBBUNCH at checkout for 15% off your ENTIRE purchase! How great is that!? Hurry to take advantage of a great discount and check out these AMAZING BAGS!!!!

Happy Holidays!!!


  1. I WANT ONE!!!! My camera is always crammed at the bottom of my purse. No good.

  2. perfect timing! just got a new SLR for christmas and i'm now in search for a super cute camera bag to put it in! it's like you read my mind! will have to check this out.

  3. So I tried to buy this tonight & it said the code was invalid :( did I miss it?! Thanks!