December 29, 2012

2012 A Year In Review... January thru April...

I thought I would do a year in review! This installment includes January thru April!
I hope you guys enjoy!


  • My Great Aunt Turned 90

  • Channing got cuter

  • I continued to drink Champs from a can!

  • Courtney was the BEST crazy girl ever on the Bachelor

  • Celebrated Valentines Day

  • Channing becam obsessed with stickers

  • Cuddled a lot with my girl!

  • Started attempting the Sock Bun

  • Started March off with a case of Pink Eye :(

  • Chandler went out of town... then came back and this happened

  • Tried Hypnotic Donuts for the first time!

  • Channing really starts to love playing with my vanity!

  • Channing turned 2 and modeled ALL her presents!

  • Channing gives a Wet Willy and it was caught on camera!

  • My obsession with wanting Chickens began

  • Cousin Judah and my brother Cody came to visit!

  • Easter came and we celebrated with BOTH families!
  • Channing modeled her new swimsuit!
  • We bought a ROOMBA!!!!
  • Got a visit from our FAVE Abilene peeps!
  • I read one of my FAVE books of all time!
  • My cousin and her kiddos came to visit and we all went to the Zoo!
And that concludes January thru April!
Next installment coming SOON!!

December 28, 2012

New House Decor Inspiration!

LOVE this Chalkboard for a entryway!
Putting all of our canvases in one area!
I need to find some antlers... anyone want to give me any??
Source: via Kelsey on Pinterest
This would just be a DREAM
Love the idea of whiskey decanters as lights!
Another dream another dream!
LOVE LOVE LOVE old doors replacing standard ones!
Love two curtains... feels more LUXE!
Source: via Kelsey on Pinterest
I will be doing this type of gallery wall somewhere...
Paint or replacing the pantry door!?!
Love the old door again!
Love the idea of hanging frames I already have in this sort of pattern!
Nope... we haven't sold our house yet and nope we haven't bought one yet but I am LOVING these ideas!
Happy Saturday!

BUSY Week!

This week has been SUPER busy! With Christmas and taking down Christmas (thats a story in itself)and getting ready to put our house on the market we have felt like we are barely keeping our heads above water! But, we don't have anything to complain about so we are thankful!
I can't wait to post the listing of our house on the blog in about a week! SO exciting for us!
We have worked realy hard on being prepared to move and we are finally at a place where we feel comfortable doing it! We are really excited to be back in the 'city' and closer to our jobs and families!

Wednesday I had to go to work but after I picked up Channing that afternoon we went for a walk to play in the snow that was still there from the night before. That isso unusual in Texas so we needed to take full advantage of it!
Channing surprisingly loved the snow. I was trying to get an action picture of her throwing the snow but this is what I got... I am not a great photo taker!

Our boots in the snow!

My happy little snow princess ragamuffin!

Chandler finally got her to get on the bike and 'practice' riding it!

New outfit she was really proud of!

And coming soon and very soon on the blog! A review of these FAB earrings from Brooklyn Jewelgasm  !

I have thought about doing posts of MY version of outfit's I pin on Pinterest in the new year! Like do a post once a week on that! Thoughts?!

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December 26, 2012

Weekend & Christmas Day Wrap Up!

Channing said she wanted to play outside Saturday morning and she wanrted to dress herself.
This is the awesome result!

Picnic-ing at the park & double fisting cookies!

Checking out the ducks!

A random little find at the grocery store this weekend. Has anybody tried these? I haven't yet but looking forward to it. 

I bought Chandler & Channing little poppers to play with Christmas Eve!
She actually loved them and was not scared... a rare site lately!

LOVE her! It was getting colder!!

After fighting bedtime for 2 hours and telling me she was afraid of the dark and breaking my heart teling me 'don't leave me mommy' Channing fell asleep and our friends Nick and Danielle came over on their way back to his parents house to help Chandler put together Channings doll house!
They moved to Houston and are some of our best friends so it was fun to spend some extra time with them hanging out!

Danielle and I posing in front of the doll house haha!
Best friend hats and all!

Santa stopped by!

Channing LOVED her gifts but I got the feeling she was a tad overwhelmed!

My family and Chandler's family ALL met at my in-laws house for Christmas Day!
It started snowing and Channing LOVED checking it out!

The best pic of the day!

In other news I also hit the motherload!
New Faux Fur vest, new jacket I have had my eye on for a long time! Tons of jewelry, Rachel Zoe's book... perfume and more!

Channing got a balance bike and helmet too! This is the only time we got her to get on it so far! She will walk it around but is a little timid about riding it right now!

The snow in front of our house last night!

A little extra play time in the backyard!

Repeat of Xmas eve fighting bed time and crying and making us feel terrible that she seems scared right now... we let her fall asleep on the couch beside me then put her in bed. She woke up twice BUT it was a much better night than the night before.
What is this? A phase I hope... anyone elses kids gone through this? We haven't ever had a hard time with bed time or sleeping really.
But, she was so cute saying... I won't face the TV if I can lay on the couch. So thats what we did.
I hate that she is ahving a rough time right now... plus, she is so tired not getting great sleep!

And it was still there this morning! Driving into Dallas took a little longer but I made it to Channing's school and to work. 

The outfit!
New vest!

You can see the collar of the new jacket!

I hope you all had a very blessed and happy Christmas with friends and family alike!
We are feeling happy and blessed. My dad is also recovering from his quad bypass surgery and doing well! Praise the Lord!
What all did you guys do?! Did you get anything fun from Santa!?

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