February 28, 2010

First Baby Party!

Last night was our first 'baby party' thrown by our good friends the Diviney's and the Galloway's! Long story short it was AWESOME and we felt so loved by all of our friends! We had an absolute blast! The food, drinks, and company were great! Channing received so many wonderful things from all of our friends and family that were there! THANK YOU!!

Grandparent Pic!


Channing's first pair of high heels! They are HEELARIOUS! Thanks Ife and Bari!

Bow Holder from Tami and Bryson with bows from Tami and custom bows made by my mom!

'Channing Print' from Brandon and Shelby

Handmade AWESOME goodies from Amy and Luke!

Cute little GIRLY things!!!

Raggady Ann from Uncle Boongie and PINK sock monkey from Chan's parents!

The quilt rack for her quilts!!

CUTE 'Channing' hat from Ben and Carol Vig, her pool hat that is!!

We seriously cannot thank our friends and family enough for the best time last night! We are so thankful for all of your friendships and can't wait for you guys to meet Channing and most importantly for her to meet you guys! Love all of you!

February 22, 2010

Maternity Pictures!!

Here is a sneak peak of the session! We cannot put to words how excited we are about these pictures! Katie did an amazing job and could not have picked a more perfect setting for us! She made a growing pregnant girl feel pretty and that says a lot haha! Waiting on our little girl to get here is and has been an amazing experience and this made it all the better! We are so thankful to have these memories to keep forever!

Please go to:

Hope you guys like them! All of Katie's info is on www.katienorris.net if you are in need of an amazing photographer call her, we have been so happy and impressed with her work!

33 Week Belly Pics!!

February 13, 2010


So late Wednesday night it started snowing in the metroplex and didn't stop until Friday morning. I think Dallas got at least a foot of snow! It was pretty and fun to play in for just a bit! The dogs had never been in snow like this and I think they had fun and then were ready to go inside. Now it is melting and getting nasty, but it was fun and pretty while it lasted!

February 12, 2010

31 Week Baby Bump Pics!

The 31 week baby bump pictures include some special SNOW DAY edition pictures! We hope you enjoy, I almost can't believe I have put these up or that I posed like that in front of our house. I am feeling good, a little more uncomfortable at night and recently heart burn has made its come back! We can't believe Channing will be here sooner than later now!!!!

30 Week Baby Bump

February 11, 2010

Proof of SNOW!!

It all started after 3am this morning and when I got up at 5:30 to let our dogs out our yard was covered and HUGE snow flakes were falling from the sky! It was so pretty that early in the morning. It almost looked blue from the moonlight. It has continued and it is now almost 10am! It looks like it might continue into the afternoon, but taper off after that. The big issue will probably be later tonight into tomorrow morning when it melts and it might possible get into the freezing temperatures. Texas people can't handle even a little misting when it is raining much less snow and ice. It should make for an interesting or late morning to work tomorrow morning if that happens. But, enjoy the pictures because it really is pretty!