December 9, 2011

Winner Winner!

OK my little bloggy pretties... SORRY it took me a little longer to draw and post a winner than I thought. My office Xmas party was last night and I didnt get to it so for that I am sorry! But, before I announce the winner... a few pics!

Thanks to my bloggy friend the Bargain Blonde I am displaying my cards like so :)

Just a cute little 'Bubble Goatee'

Me and Chandler before my office party last night

And now for the important stuff!

I wrote all of your names on piece's of post-its and then put them in a vase... shook it up

Drew a name


Dabney WON!!

Congrats Dabney! Email me your mailing address and I will get your FUN surprise in the mail!

As always THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone that reads my blog. It is so fun for me and I have made lots of friends by doing it! Happy Friday!

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1 comment:

  1. You are SO gorgeous! Seriously! Look at you and Chandler before your holiday party. I bet you were the prettiest girl there.

    And you already know how I feel about your card holder. Puts mine to shame! Love, love, love it!