December 6, 2011

Holiday Blog Challenge Days 5.6.7!

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge

Counting down because blogger is goofy sometimes... AND I need to catch up!

Day 7: How do you celebrate the holidays? We celebrate Christmas in our family and give thanks for the birth of our savior Jesus!

Day 6: Fave holiday treat? I LOVE puppy chow and for some reason it reminds me of the holidays!

Day 5: Holiday Outfit? Well.... this is one dress I will be wearing to a holiday party!

Whew I am glad I am caught up on that! YAY! And BTW can you guys (if in DFW) believe how cold it is right now? I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hey Kelsey!
    I am crazy about your blog and super cute family! I want to give you the Liebster Blog award! I don't know if you know much about it, but head over to to find out and pass it on!! :)

  2. Love puppy chow and that dress is gorgeous!

  3. I'm with everyone else on here. I LOVE puppy chow!