July 30, 2012

Weekend Recap

This is just the cutest thing to me...

We took Channing for Donuts Sunday morning and she chose a PINK one after she chose a chocolate with sprinkles and then proceeded to want a 'NEW' one every time someone walked in and ordered.... We won't be dining in at the donut place for a while hahaha. 

My Happy Birthday Red Bull for part of my office birthday celebration... Since I am off for the rest of the week!

Love this sweet picture

Taking a bite of the PINK one

Headed to 'Sloanie's' FIRST birthday party!

Pretty flowers from my office!

Some co-workers got me a GREAT card and FAB gift cards.... I may work at the coolest place ever!

Saturday morning Popsicle in the bathtub... Momma ain't no fool!

She'll appreciate my hair dressing skills one day!

Friday night opening ceremonies on the patio... although it looks like we are watching something scary... 

Again I've got skills!

The front of the card from work peeps! 

One of the FAB new necklaces from my family birthday celebration! I should post pics of all that loot too... I need to remember to take the pictures!

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