July 25, 2012

50 Shades Of Kelsey

  1. I am the middle child and LOVE it... I am also the only girl
  2. Played soccer when I was little because if I scored a goal I got a new leotard
  3. I want to run Boston someday and I truly believe I will
  4. I want Channing and I to be REALLY close like my mom and I are... I cant imagine it any different
  5. Love to shop... either alone or with my mom... not usually with others... oh and online
  6. My husband picked me up with the line 'Have you ever been to Chili's' 
  7. I think I have missed my calling as a personal stylist/shopper... Maybe someday
  8. Pet peeves... going to the bank, getting gas, putting laundry away/dishes away
  9. I try to smile at and be nice to everyone I meet even the checkers at Target... You NEVER know what a smile or kind word might mean to someone... am I always nice or am I perfect NO WAY...actually sometimes I am rude :( I try not to be.
  10. Have terrible anxiety and take medicine to help control it
  11. Terrified or tornadoes
  12. Love shellfish hate other fish.... oh and love sushi
  13. Often speak in 'half-talk' ie: perf... annoy...stoops
  14. Loved The OC and bawled like a baby when it ended
  15. Love San Francisco Sausalito Napa area... wouldn't mind living there if it weren't so far from our family
  16. Family is VERY important to me
  17. I am a BRAVO addict
  18. Trying to get thru ALL the books I have bought to read (Tori Spellings books, Bethenny's book, White Girl Problems etc etc.... I have made it thru one)
  19. Love shoes... REALLY love them
  20. Love to travel but get sad every time a trip is over
  21. Love swimsuits but don't really love to swim
  22. Clean freak & love to be organized... wasn't always like this
  23. Not a big phone talker.... trying to get better at this
  24. Prefer salty over sweet... Love salt... actually in the past few months 2 friends have sent me gifts of salt
  25. Love to give gifts
  26. Words of affirmation is my love language ... I think
  27. Best Manicotti I ever had was in Philly....before that I didn't really like it
  28. I have never been to New York... I really want to go
  29. Love birthdays
  30. Not really into astrology but I think LEO descriptions really describe me
  31. Got engaged on Valentines Day in the snow... It was AWESOME
  32. Been married for 7 years
  33. Was a hair dresser for a while... graduated from Paul Mitchell The School
  34. Went to Vegas for the first time last year
  35. First drink I ever had was a Fuzzy Navel
  36. There was an incident with 'Love Potion' (vodka and pink lemonade) on a family houseboat trip that STILL gets brought up almost every time we are together.... Haven't had 'Love Potion' since
  37. FAITH is very important to me and God is my savior and my rock
  38. I run without music... It is a time to clear my head.... in silence
  39. Love to spray tan
  40. Love BIG sunglasses
  41. We have close friends that we consider family... I would do pretty much anything for them
  42. HATE milk... seriously grosses me out... Before I had Channing it was hard for me to even buy it to cook with... the sweat on the outside is the most disgusting thing to me 
  43. Don't like to fly... I always have some sort of drink before boarding.... even if it is at 6:30 am.... Nervous wreck
  44. Used to hate my ears and would NEVER put my hair up so I wouldn't expose them 
  45. Love labels but NOT obsessed... I wore a shirt from Wal Mart yesterday and got tons of compliments... If it is cute and I like it I don't care where it is from or who made it
  46. I have been to Snoop Dogs house... the one that was on cribs a LONG time ago... I like him
  47. I have waited in line in the pouring rain at a liquor store to meet Bethenny Frankel. It was awesome!
  48. Haven't read 50 Shades of Gray and let's be honest... Probably won't
  49. Couldn't eat pizza when I was preggo grossed me out
  50. Used to be pretty shy.... being a hair dresser I got over that very quickly

I don't think I repeated anything but if I did I am sorry... There is probably more... But I'll have to save it for another post. I started this three times because I couldn't find time to finish it!

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  1. I LOVE this postT!! Love getting to know you girl! xo