July 2, 2012

Out Of Order... Weekend Style

Here is our weekend TOTALLY out of order! The above was yesterdays morning run... not bad.

We got some rain yesterday afternoon and were watching it and Channing said she needed her vest....

Posing on the slide

My sweetness


Trying to feel the rain!

Saturday morning Nutella feast....

Watching the rain

CRAZY Nutella girl!

Taking a walk together 

Saturday morning run time.... ehhh

My weekend reading "White Girl Problems'

Channing this morning before school.... Fourth of July week!

Which brings us to MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!

A little Saturday afternoon delight.... YUMSIES

And now may I present.... Channing's rendition of Humpty Dumpty!


  1. She is too cute for words, I love that she went to get her vest! Presh! And I think I need that Drama Queen shirt. HA! Oh, is the book good?? Would you believe I've never had Nutella. I'm scared of it and I don't know why.

  2. It's my birthday month too!!! :)

    Channing is such a little diva, I love it!

    I have seriously gotta start learning how to love running!