July 7, 2012


Channing TOTALLY potty trained herself... besides 1 accident in 4 days she has done perfectly!

Ice Cream treat after pictures with cousin Judah!

I bought this kit and shellac'd my nails myself... love it and a friend told me that the base coat works with your other polishes also... SCORE

Tired girl on our way to eat lunch and run errands after her camping experience with Breen & Judah!

The sweetest cousins playing!

I made sidewalk paint from Pinterest and we had a blast playing with it! After it dries you can simply just wash it away.... no staining!

Friday night we had a date night with Nick & Danielle and Lexi & Reid and had a blast! Nick and Danielle are moving to Houston next weekend and we are SO SAD but excited to go visit for sure!

More of treat time after pictures


Love her face here... so sweet

Channing & Judah after swimming at our pool!!

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