July 20, 2012


After turning on the news this morning and hearing about the tragedy in Aurora CO first thing it made my heart hurt. Why do things like this happen? I don't know but I still cling to my faith. I still believe God is watching over us and I still believe there are GOOD people in this world despite all the bad out there. 

I hope that this may give someone hope that there is still good and that despite this horror God is still alive!

My brother lives VERY close to Aurora and was actually at a DIFFERENT theater this morning watching the same movie. He is fine and I am thankful for that but my heart still hurts for those that were in any way affected by this horrible act. Hug the ones you love today and make sure they know. A kind word can make someones day. 

Source: google.com via Kelsey on Pinterest

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  1. I didnt know you had a brother here! Do you ever come visit? I was woken up with like 9 texts from people asking about it since we are about 10 minutes away and it's right where Jasper goes to preschool. I'm still terrified I'm going to find out someone from the preschool/church was there since that's the closest movie theater to them.