July 8, 2012

High Wired


I wanted to introduce you guys to a REALLY cute Etsy  shop 

The owner of the shop is the cutest TWIN mom and you would never know she had twins. This girl is totally into fitness and healthy eating. You guys should see some of the AWESOME recipes she posts on Instagram!


If you are into working out aren't you always on the lookout for CUTE new work out gear? 

I think her tanks are SO cute and I thought that you guys would love them too! Not only are they affordable but they are cute and can totally be customized to what you want them to say! I am thinking... 'Act like a lady... Run like a BOSS' ! 


Please take the time to go check out her shop on Etsy.... I am all about SAHM's doing something to make some extra dough while taking care of their kiddos full time! Let me tell ya that is a demanding job for sure!!

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