July 23, 2012

Our Family Weekend

Friday night we cooked out with Grammie & Papa Scott
Channing can grill a mean burger!

Since these are out of order.... Sunday night we got to see sweet family that moved to FL!

We played on the slide

We 'pitt' on the ground... why? I am not really sure :)

I watched my sweet girl having fun

Saturday night we ate at The Keg for my dad's birthday celebration! 

Found some awesome Gold/Coral running shorts... MAYBE since the cough is getting better I will be able to run for the first time in 2.5 weeks this week. 

We got a new pool.... when Channing and I went into the store she said I want a PINK one.... Thank you Lord for letting there be a PINK pool!

My little Pellegrino Princess

Some fierce loving!


Mommas Friday night drink!

YES I ate the WHOLE thing!

This was this morning... Not loving Monday's

Happy we found a PINK pool!



She may or may not be dramatic... wonder where she gets it!

This is Chandler's cousins girlfriend Lauren... Channing loves her and she got her to do a cheer move LOL

Nutella Cupcakes were made... they were OK

Who knows

Saturday morning cuddles! LOVE my sweet girl!

We had an amazing weekend with lots of family! Loved every second of it!

Happy Monday!


  1. I must have that pool for Aubree! Channing is the cutest! Looks like y'all had a fun weekend!! I hope you get back to running soon!

  2. Her gray dress is so cute!! Wish they made it my size!