July 13, 2012


Source: charmco.com via Julia on Pinterest

A co-worked and I found this article on our lunch the other day and it was somewhat interesting to read. The  Leo description is pretty close to how I feel and I thought you guys might want to read it. I am not really into all of this stuff normally but when it has to do with this it is interesting to read I think.

Body Issues
Leo ladies are proud mamas and rarely admit to worrying about their weight… but often stress in secret. You need to be adored as much as you need oxygen. The worst affliction you can imagine is a broken heart. Your spine is sensitive, so sit in an ergonomic chair and don’t abuse yourself by wearing stilettos every day. 

You expect the royal treatment when it comes to food. Fine fare, good companionship and elegant surroundings make your heart go pitter-patter. Avoid overly spicy foods and red meat – they can give you heartburn. Green leafy veggies like kale and spinach give your body the iron it craves. 

You love being bathed in the light of the sun. Getting outside as close to sunrise as possible soothes your soul and shapes your body. Running, power-walking or biking are perfect early-morning Leo activities. Yoga on an outdoor deck relieves a painful spine. Just make sure to wear adequate SPF.

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