January 10, 2012


Source: google.com via Kirk on Pinterest

This is a picture of Cakebread Cellars in Napa.... I can't stop thinking about going back to this pretty place in March... I am on the countdown!

This just is fun to me. I like the print... sometimes I think it is time to drink Champagne and dance on tables... why not? Also... reminds me of a sweet sweet friend who is having a tough day... hurts your heart when a best friend is going through something you can do absolutely nothing about... except of course be there for them.

I love Tori & Dean and their cute family.... Their show is on tonight and I love it.... the end.

I am watching it's a Brad Brad World... I like him a lot but I don't know how I feel about the show yet... I am not sure if Rachel Zoe would be mad at me for watching....

How amazing is this... it would look SO GREAT in our bedroom holding our TV... a girl can dream right?! I found the blog it was posted on but no luck on where they found it! I am sure it was probably a pretty penny huh!

I have really been focused on drinking more water during the day... I dont drink cokes but just reminding myself to drink water more often is working... I do feel better when I stay super hydrated!

I am going to try my own version of this combo soon! I know you're dying to see a picture!

I love this dress and I have searched and searched and can't find out where it is from... HELP!

I want to start making Smoothies... we got a Magic Bullet at Xmas... What are your fave recipes... specifically ones that are super healthy or the detox kind... maybe a green monster or two!

Happy Tuesday peeps!

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