January 30, 2012

Our Weekend

Started off Friday afternoon with a REDBULL.... This momma was TIRED!

Kingston and Channing had a 'snack date' at school right before I picked her up!

Channing and I took a wagon ride Friday afternoon! She loved it... OBVI!

My dollface eating lunch Saturday

Holding on to Daddy's foot while he walked... She LAUGHED so hard!

Chandler made stuffed jalapeno's for a get together with friends... I can't hollow them out because I almost choke... its like I am allergic to raw ones or something... Chandler was proactive and wore a mask!

THEN he told me if I took a shot of water out of a Jalapeno then I could double my shopping budget for the month... You KNOW I totally did it! YES SIR!

Channing was playing with my phone and got the camera on... I have about a billion of this exact same pic!

Me and my girl at my Great Aunt's 90th birthday celebration!

Channing telling Aunt Katherine 'Happy Birthday'!

Of course Channing had a blast with Breen and Pop... taking them UP and Down the stairs over and over!

Blurry for some reason... but still good... 90 is a BIG DEAL!

My dollface this morning... She was SO SMILEY!


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