January 11, 2012

What A Crock!

My mom gave me a new crockpot for Christmas and I couldn't be any happier! The last one we had never worked right and a few years later we realized that it had been recalled for heating element issues... DUH haha... we could only cook on warm because any other setting would ruin the food it was so hot!

I am trying the above recipe tomorrow... its getting cold tomorrow and I can't wait because this soup looks SO GOOD!!

Any other YUMMY crockpot recipes I should try?! Ready set give them to me!!



  1. Skinny Taste Santa Fe Chicken!


  2. I'm obsessed with my crock pot. My most-used recipe is: chicken breasts (frozen or thawed), diced onion and BBQ sauce (or you can use salsa or buffalo sauce or salad dressing). Throw it all in on low for 6-8 hours. Easiest, delicious meal ever! It's great on salad or as a sandwich/wrap. It's my go to when I'm low on groceries because who doesn't have frozen chicken and a jar of something lying around?!

  3. Ok what crockpot got recalled because ours does the same thing!! I have to cook on "warm" and that practically burns my food! And don't even think about cooking it on high unless you want a charred mess for dinner.

    That soup looks yummy!