January 15, 2012

Sunday Sunday Sunday!

Well... we have been busy all weekend long! Actually Friday night we met my parents and Chandler's mom at Sali's Pizza after work. It was SO GOOD! But, after some wine at dinner and pizza on our bellies... right after Channing went to bed so did we. I was asleep before 9pm on Friday night.... Dont be jealous! We majorly organized our kitchen yesterday morning into the afternoon! We are so glad that is done and we got rid of several unnecessary things too! Today we started the day by Channing waking up and coming to bed to watch TV with us around 7:30 am. We drank coffee and had milk (Channing) and then Chandler made is pineapple pancakes. They were so good... I should have taken a picture but oh well! Channing ate so good she must have really liked them!

I have mentioned on here before that I really want to read ALL of the books on my night stand... I am currently trying to get through Bethenny's book. I'd love to read it before her last season comes on. I only get to read a paragraph here and there so I am hoping I can reach that goal!

I am making two new crock pot recipes this week and slow cooker beef stroganoff is one of them! YUMMY!

I am pumped about the award show tonight...Should be a little crazy to watch! WOO HOO!


  1. So excited for the globes tonight!

  2. I can't wait for the Golden Globes either. Although I think I like the red carpet on E! better than the actual show.