January 17, 2012

Weekend Pics A Day Behind!

A day or TWO behind I should day! We had a GREAT low key weekend with our girl! Here she is on Saturday morning looking SO cute with piggies and just jeans and a tee. LOVE HER!

Let me in here!!!!!

While I ran to the grocery store Channing rode her bike with Daddy!

Then he taught her how to play washers... They bet Oreos!

Saturday evening while we got dinner ready after majorly organizing our kitchen she played on the iPad... LOVE technology!

Grilled pineapple and rosemary! YUMMY!

LOVE her snuggling with me before her bedtime!

We played blocks and built a major tower!

Yesterday after a good nap we needed to run to Target and I (bribed) treated her to a Starbucks double choc chip frap! She LOVED it SO MUCH!!!!

I took a self portrait... shocking I know... It was def a hat day yesterday! It was so windy here!

AND that brings us to this morning! She LOVES to pose now... I love when she does it! She didn't want to take her plug out though.... it was also her 'Monday'!

Look at these CUTE moccasins I got her at TARJAY yesterday for $10! They are SO CUTE on her!

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  1. Super cute! Your daughter is precious. Your are too cute in that red hat:) xoxoxo