January 12, 2012

Its OK Thursday!

Its Ok Thursdays

Linking up with Neely and Amber today! You should do it too! They are pretty fun girls!

...To be SO EXCITED that I have Monday off... something about going into a three day weekend makes me so happy!

...To have made a resolution to read ALL of the books I have on/under my night stand and feel like I can't find the time! I really do want to read them... I DO!

...To be counting down the days until Bethenny Ever After starts again! LOVE HER!!

...To think my kid is pretty freaking cute and SMART! Seriously... counting to ten and singing and saying abc's... OH YA IT'S ALSO OK FOR ME TO BRAG ABOUT HER TOO!

...To have saved Teen Mom 2 on our DVR so we have something to watch before T SHIRT TIME tonight.... Ya don't judge us... we watch Jersey Shore... who cares :)

...To be looking SO forward to dinner tonight... I can't stop thinking about it! Potato Soup cooking in the crockpot at home YUMMY!

...To ask for other mom's advice and then ultimately figure it out on my own... I have got to realize that doing what is best for Channing and what works best for us is totally fine... And to realize I am also a pretty darn good mom... I think I don't give myself enough credit... I am pretty hard on myself...

...To have an outfit already picked out for Napa that I want to buy! The dress and shoes would be cute and perfect for wine tasting in the pretty weather!

Source: swell.com via Kelsey on Pinterest


  1. I'm crazy about that dress!! It would be perfect for Napa!!

  2. Love the dress!! : ]

    I have a huge pile of books ot handle too. Yikes. I'm trying to finish a bunch before a yardsale in Feb. Oops.

  3. Long weekends are the BEST! Enjoy it!!