January 4, 2012

A Smooth Operator 3375!!

Spornette Brushes

Spornette Brushes by kbalch0731 on polyvore.com

The amazing people at Spornette sent me TWO brushes of my choice! I decided on the 'Smooth Operator' series and just got the chance to try them this weekend! I tried to take pics of before and after so maybe you could see the difference a GREAT brush can make. In short I was SUPER impressed with the brush! It smoothed out my frizzy coarse hair with perfection and also did NOT catch my hair on the handle! A major plus for round brushes! I truly love it! A good round brush can be your best friend!

This is right before is started drying my hair... post workout and post shower... sans makeup. I am keeping it real people!

Post drying session. I ALWAYs dry my hair 99% of the way dry without a round brush... It is better for your hair because you aren't being as rough on your hair by pulling at it wet with a brush and you do not have to use as much direct heat that way... much better for your hair! As you can see my hair is SUPER coarse and frizzy... naturally wavy... I would say my hair is confused... doesnt know if it wants to be straight or curly... it stopped halfway through and it didn't pick a good wave either... so something has to be done to style it every day!

The last pic is after I used the Spornette Smooth Operator brush! I hope that you can see how much more smooth and straight it is and how much more it shines when dried and styled using this brush! I would and have reccomended this brush and brand to many people. And as I said, when I did hair, these are the brushes I used. I love them and I am so excited I have two more to add to my collection! If you need a good round brush people.... this is it!!

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  1. uhm LOVE! I've been looking for a good round brush!!

  2. umm why don't people send me free shit like this?????? WTF!!!!!! Your hair looks perfecto anddddd you look just as gorge sans make-up. Jealous!!