January 9, 2012

Our Weekend Thru The iPhone!

Friday afternoon we got home early enough to go take a run outside together... The BOB Channing and I! She did great! We did two miles which seems to be about her limit in the stroller these days but it was fabulous weather and I was thankful we got to go for that run!

That evening for dessert she got 'ICE MEAM' and loved every last drop!

Then we cuddled after bath! I love when she wants to lay like this... close and snuggly!

Saturday morning we went to Cafe Brazil and Central Market for a few things.... THIS was my 'S'mores' latte... and OH MY GOODNESS it was to die for! SO GOOD!!!

Channing did well too... she kept asking for colors and we didnt think they had any... Chandler asked our great waitress and she said 'oh yeah sure' and brought us some... well quite a few colors and Channing wanted to hold them all! She had resorted to my only pen before the colors were found!

Snuggling with Daddy for a bit!

Chalk and a pretty face!

Momma and my DRAMA QUEEN! I have NO CLUE where she gets it!! ;)

After bath before Lexi and Reid came over to plan for our NAPA trip in March!! Cheesing for the camera!

Playing in Momma's shoes!

Sunday morning we sat together and watched some of 'UP' I love that movie!

After her nap yesterday I really needed to go find some mirrors for our Master Bath and thought since she seemed well rested and happy I would take her with me. She did great... THANK GOODNESS... and I found two mirrors at Kirkland's (our second stop) for $60 half off their normal price! YA HOOO!! Our handy man friend is coming to hang them and the new one for the Guest Bath next weekend! I can't wait!

Before dinner last night she was LOVIN on her Daddy!

We had a great weekend!! Hope you guys did too! I am going to try and catch up on the photo challenge today sometime... probably tonight!

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  1. don't you love your iphone...got one for xmas and im slightly addicted! ha

    I am doing a THEIT CAMERA BAG GIVEAWAY on Color Issue...I think you would totally love it!!!



  2. My son seems to have hit a limit in the stroller these days, too! What happened??? On a good day, 30 minutes is about all I get...sigh!
    Love all your pics -- Channing is too cute!