May 6, 2011

Shine On!

This is where I found our Maltese Bentley last night when I went to hop into bed. Laying there on my side like a person tucked in. What the heck, who does she think she is...ROYALTY?

Channing was playing in my mess of a closet this morning and I turned around to find her playing with my heels! It was a proud moment in this momma's life! HAHAHA! (yes, she is in a bass pro shop romper...they seriously make the BEST sleepers... hilaire I think)

My angel face in the photo shoot this morning... She seriously just started posing... It was ADORE!

Channing starts swim lessons tomorrow! I can hardly wait. I hope she LOVES it!


Loved this article from the May issue of Dallas Child. A good read for the moms out there!

Refinery 29 an online Fashion & Beauty site posted an article on 2011's Nail Polish Trends... Just in case you wanted to check it out!

Love this post from The Shine Project!


  1. your little one is just precious! and her dress is uh-dorable!

  2. I had no idea you had a maltese! They are my favorite! Im going for a pedi in the morning and that top nail color article just gave me my color choice :) Have a great weekend!