May 25, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Thursday!!!

AWESOME: *update* My friend had a successful surgery and will be on bed rest in the hospital for the remainder of her pregnancy. Every day is a victory! Thanks for the prayers on her behalf!

AWESOME: getting airbrush tanned today. My usual lady was booked so I am trying this... I will let you know tomorrow how it went!

AWESOME: the two dresses below...

AWKWARD: Doing Turbo Fire for the first time Tuesday in front of the hubby and the daughter because it was way to windy outside to run, oh ya because the CRAZY storms were headed our way. This lady is no joke! I was totally skeptical but I was dripping sweat afterwards. It was a sight to see though!

AWESOME: That we are safe from the CRAZY storms Tuesday night. And also awesome that after the first round when Chandler was asleep and I had put Channing to bed I decided it would be a good time to have a glass of wine and eat the rest of a half pint of Dutch Chocolate Blue Bell I had left. To say I am terrified of storms is an understatement and my nerves were shot!!! Don't worry... they helped a little bit!

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