May 8, 2011


Being one BAD MUTHA has it challenges for sure but I wouldn't trade it for ANYTHING!

The fact that God choose me to be Channing's mommy is just beyond me sometimes. It is the biggest hugest blessing EVER! She has taught me SO MANY things already. The love I have for my baby cannot be put into words... it is just so special! No matter how many late nights or runny noses she ALWAYS makes me smile and I can't thank God enough for giving her to me and entrusting her to us. Mothers Day is extra special when you are a Mommy and not just a daughter or a child. That, I think, probably hold true when you are a grandmother too! And that is why I want to honor our Breen and our Grammie!

Celebrating the news that I am PREGGO!

Shopping together

A momma and her boys!

Sweet Grammie at one of my baby showers!

Just haaaannngin around

Celebrating as one big happy family!

We couldn't ask for better mom's Grammie's or Breen's!

We love you both so much and are so thankful for you two! Channing is probably the luckiest girl around to have you both. And we are doubly blessed to have you both so close... that means the world to us.

Happy Mothers Day!

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