May 2, 2011

Miscellaneous Monday!

Happy Monday everyone! We had a GREAT weekend visiting friends in Abilene! The weather was perfect until Sunday morning when we were leaving and by that time it had turned cooler and really made the perfect driving home weather. We can't wait to go back and celebrate Memorial Day Weekend!

I think I am going to start a Bunco group. My friend Tami inspired me this weekend. She has a great group in Abilene and has had a lot of fun doing it!

ONLINE Scentsy parties! OH YA be on the lookout because yours truly is hosting one this week!

Just wanted to point out that this is awesome!

This is what weather dot com had to say about our weather in Dallas... YUCK... it is supposed to be warmer and spring-ier! It is cold and gloomy out. BOO!

Heavy T-Storms / Wind
Showers Early

This can be found at CVS?! Worth a try I'd say with these products starting at $7.99! I am a moroccan oil junky and if this stuff works half as good it might be my new FAVE!

The product below can be found in drugstores... for $5.99! And it is made by Schwarzkopf which is an amazing professional brand! Heck yes, I would say its worth a try!

Just read an article that HOT PINK is in this season... OK YAY... I LOVE HOT PINK!

How cool is this book?


Sweet face on this GLOOMY WEATHER Monday morning!

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  1. Bunco is way fun. We don't have a group but I love playing. You should for sure go for that! I also think you would look darling in Wellies!