May 23, 2011

The Day I Went To A Liqour Store To Meet Bethenny!

Friday was a great day! I went to stand in the rain around a liquor store to meet:


It was seriously a lot of fun and so exciting!

There were tons of people waiting in line to meet her. The meet and greet started at 4:30pm and apparently there were people in line at 6am that morning. I got there to meet a friend at 3:20pm and the line was already wrapped around the building.

The news people were there and so were Bethenny's camera people. Don't worry when they came by I waved and smiled and I am sure I will be on the next season of her show... so keep an eye out!

This is what the sky looked like while waiting... It rained so much! I was able to get under a friends umbrella but since it was raining sideways we all got a bit wet!

And there she is my friends!!! The SKINNY GIRL herself! It sounds silly but it was so exciting in there. Everyone was so excited to see and meet her that the air was just full of fun!

This is my wrist band from the event. VIP... yes, only VIP's got that wristband. Thanks to my friend Meg who had her daughter Byntlee we got ushered inside past a TON of people because it was raining and they did not want her to be stuck outside while waiting. So they gave us VIP wristbands and we got to head to the head of the line to meet Bethenny! Not only is Meg's daughter so cute (and in my opinion looks like Bryn Bethenny's daughter) she was also out ticket in the door... what a good luck charm she is! ( You can see my goosebumps in this pic from being soaked from the rain and finally inside my car with the air on! )


Bethenny & I!

Her exact words to me as I walked up!

'Oh my gosh, look, SO CUTE!'

SERIOUSLY made my day...week...year!?

The meet and greet peeps were ushering us through so fast that all I got to say was 'Hi' and 'Thank you' for her signing my book but it was worth it! She is more petite in person and even prettier in person! Not to mention SO NICE. She is for sure a lady that is thankful to be where she is and thankful for her success. She greeted everyone with a smile and seemed very sincere!

Love me some Bethenny!


  1. I'm soooo jeals!!!! I love her!!!!!!!! Cute pic of you two!!!!!!! Keep the wristband for ever!!!!!!!!

  2. OH I AM SO JEALOUS! I wish she would come to Nashville!

  3. I love the skinny girl margarita!! But I have never watched her show. I may have to check it out.

  4. Oh my gosh I cannot believe you got to meet her! I am so jealous! I cannot wait to try the Skinny Girl Margaritas...they don't have them down here in NC, but when I move up to VA it's everywhere!!